Monday, April 30, 2012

Floral Arranging 101

...or something like that.

A couple weeks ago, Sister asked if I wanted to take a flower arranging class w/ her (there was a Groupon involved, of course). I was super excited as soon as she told me about it. I love flowers...and everything there is to do w/ them! We found out what the choices for the classes were, though...and soon realized they all seemed a bit flower door hanger, herb garden, fairy garden?? Weird-o-la. We finally decided on the herb seemed the most normal.

Once we got to the class (10 minutes late...classy)...our doubts went away. This was a way-cool set up. The lady doing the class owns the business...and she just genuinely loves what she does. We broke into 2 groups (one group started planting and the other made tags for each of the herbs).

*We started w/ tags first...there were tons of markers and papers to choose from.

*We got to use these cute little stakes to put our herb name tags on. I had to have the heart (the only one there)...they're my fav!

*I could have looked around the shop all nite. There were so many pretty flowers and trinkets! I could only imagine the fun things made there.

*Seesters! Wish I had actually taken a pic of my herbs...
but, alas...I did not.'ll just have to enjoy this one of us
after we planted. ;)

Thanks to Sister for a great idea! She knows me too well. We've purchased another deal to do a class very soon.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Snapshots







1. Kitchen faucet bit the dust (after less than a year...), so I had to improvise and wash my tomatoes in the b'room sink. Had to have my salsa!
2. Said salsa, gracing my fluffy scrambled eggs...accompanied by yummy toast...and, of course, a Diet Coke.
3. Had to go purchase a new faucet...boring. Would have loved to get one of these beauties (the kind you can just touch and they turn on)...not so much in the budget, though. I was pleased w/ our final choice...of which I apparently did not take a pic.
4. I look thrilled, huh?? And dressed for success. ;)
5. Clematis is so full of blooms! Can't wait to enjoy its purple goodness.
6. Random...but so enjoyable. A gentleman in front of me @ the pharmacy...sporting some uber-cool tight-rolled jeans. He was making me so nostalgic. :)


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thrifting Gold

I've had so much luck thrifting lately...I don't even know where to start. Some things have been perfect as is...and others are going to be tweaked a bit b/f they get used. Here are a few of my newest finds...

*I have recently been selling some of my stuff on a Facebook page (imagine a giant online garage sale). I sold quite a few pieces of my milk glass to a girl who is doing her whole hutch in when I spotted this little gem...I had to send her a pic to see if she would be interested. I have a lot of milk glass...and have seen a lot of it, too. This was a really different piece...and, of course, she was so excited! For only $ was a steal.

*I first saw the cookie jar of this way adorable set. While I was admiring of the workers @ my favorite Salvation Army said there was a s&p set to go w/ it. Now...this isn't my thing...but a friend of mine's sister really digs the whole 'shroom I picked the set up for only $3.99.

*These 2 pictures do not include anything I bought...but gave me a huge chuckle. I can there possibly be so many flippin' denim short overalls?!? I was transported back to a simpler time...the year, was a lovely journey. :) Who wore these...where did they come from? Next...was a dvd devoted to the Scrabble tourney circuit. I didn't even know there is such a thing. What I did that the hubs and I constantly have what we've dubbed "word wars"...usually involving the definition of a word...or even the question of its actual existence.

*I scored this cute set of sheets (which I promptly washed on the hottest setting...and dried hot too). I will either use them as actual sheets on Miss Addy's bed...or they will be perfect for a scrap wreath.

*These are a few of the beauties I also picked up on this magical thrifting trip. I love, love, love the wreath topiary. I thought I was going to paint it...but all I just popped the purple flowers off...and she was good to go. I added a bit of blue ribbon for the changing vignette on my cabinet...and it is thriftingly perfect. The embroidered picture is probably going to get a coat of paint on the frame...or possibly some yarn wound around it. I was drawn to the cork piece...and when I spied it was a had to be mine. It will most likely get a bit of white spray paint and go into Miss Addy's room. I score these 3 treasures for only $.99 each...bam!

I'm hoping to get some time to work on my other finds...and find them homes...very soon. Pics to follow.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Being Brave

Recently...I've tried something I never thought I would...sushi. Just the thought of it used to make me shudder w/ disgust. Then...the more I heard people talking about how delightful it is...I decided, it couldn't be all that bad.

So...w/ Deal Chicken certificate in hand...I headed off to Hoshi Sushi in the Drake neighborhood to try it out for myself.

Now...I will say...I haven't braved anything raw yet (unless the imitation crab they use counts). ;) The rolls I've tried have all been tempura battered...and delicious! From the spicy sauces to the yummy veggies...this sushi's for me. I can even handle the beautiful, shiny red roe on top of the Bulldog roll.

I don't know if I'll ever get adventurous enough to try sashimi (the actual raw fish)...or to venture into the squid, etc. categories...but the sushi I've tried so far has delighted my tastebuds. Enough so that I've purchased 3 more Groupon deals for it.

(Have I mentioned that I love online deals??)


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Snapshots







1. Flowers @ Costco...they're always so pretty! Can't wait 'til it's officially warm enough to do some planting.
2. &3. Love this outft! I would wear a skirt or dress all the time if I could (well...maybe if jammies aren't an option). Dress: Walmart; sweater: Old Navy; necklace & bracelet: vintage; shoes: Target (old). My toes are freshly painted too. I stepped away from my usual dark purple/black to this bright green!
4. It was a good afternoon for you can see Milo even got to enjoy.
5. I recently sold my china hutch...which lived in my kitchen. So...until I figure out what I'm going to do w/ the space...I had to come up w/ some sort of vignette. This table was normally in front of the window in the kitchen...but fits here nicely. Just had to add a mirror from my *ahem* collection of mirrors. (I have a problem...)
6. To finish out the day...popcorn, of course!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 2 of Adventure Fabulosity

After our super-fantastical first day of road-tripping...we slept in a bit. Soverynice...considering most days find me up b/f 5 a.m. (boo...I know.)

*Pretty door knob @ the magical cupcake shop...I could look at stuff like this

Once we filled up on b'fast @ Caroline's, the hotel's was off to Galena. Unfortunately for us...the forecast had been a bit mis-leading. All we packed were warm-weather clothes...only to find cold, rainy weather there. Not to worry...we explored the town quite a bit...warming up in the different shops. Kidded around in a toy shop...filled w/ all the good stuff: Play Dough, Silly Putty, magic tricks, bouncy balls, wax name it, they had it.

Having so many sweets the day b/f had made us all a little gun-shy to eating. Lunch was delish, though...
you can never go wrong w/ pizza.

Last stop...Antique Archaeology in LeClaire. The hubs & I have been there b/f...but our partners-in-crime had not. It's cool to see in person (if you watch American Pickers)...but, unfortunately, a lot of the stuff isn't for sale. They've kind of curated things you see them "pick" on the they want them to be in the store (I think) so visitors can recognize certain items. Still haven't gotten to meet any of the personalities from the show...maybe next time.

After all the was time to come home. The drive back from a road trip is always the worst. We eventually made it, though...unpacked and then, went to enjoy a bit of Thai food..b/c, why not?

*Chicken Pad Thai...yumm!

Not sure where the next road will lead. Maybe something impromptu??


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Be Trippin'...Road Trippin'

So...I see a Groupon for a hotel that I love, in a city that I like a lot...what could I do, but buy the silly thing. Then, of course, I have to share the deal w/ our travel buddies, Eric & Gina. Next thing ya's time for a day off...and an adventure!

We've stayed @ the Hotel Julien in Dubuque one other time...and I loved it. Dubuque, Iowa...why on earth would I want to go there, you ask??  Well, b/c I love history...anything to do w/ it...buildings, pictures,, this is the place for me. It's an old river town...full of (said) old buildings, etc. I could pretty much drive around looking @ the architecture all day long...imagining who lived there b/f...making up stories in my head. Since not everyone rolls the same way I do, though...we did have a few other activities. *sigh*

We started out on a Friday morning w/ our first destination in mind...Traer, Iowa. Now what the heck?? How could this possibly be on our agenda? I'll tell you why...b/c of a little bakery called Cookie Mom Cookies. The hubs and I stumbled upon it the last time we travelled up this way. I needed to get out and stretch and the town had a really cute main street. Also...I love anything w/ seeing this bakery made me giddy. I've wanted to go back ever since. Luckily...this trip provided the perfect excuse for another visit.

This little gem of a town also provided a tasty lunch @ a local watering hole. I chose the cheeseburger (as pub cheeseburgers seem to be the tastiest) and some cheese balls. Healthy...I know.

Now, this is awkward...but our next stop was another bakery...the All Things Sweet Shop. (I promise that not all road trips include so many treats...but isn't eating a big part of open-road adventures?) It is a very good thing that I do not, in fact, live in Dubuque...b/c I would be unable to avoid these tasty cupcakes. The lady baker...has mad skills. It is entirely possible that I have some cupcakes stowed away in the freezer...for a rainy day.

When we finally got to the hotel...I was fully loaded on sugar...and starting to get crank.y. So, the hubs and I took to the streets for a little walk...enjoying the city & the first of spring's blooms. Then...a  little relaxation...hubs (instantly) on the computer...and a little InStyle for moi.

Once we got our 2nd wind...we had dinner (seafood place, gross...not worth mentioning), took in the sights from an amazing public park w/ insane views (it was super cold, though, as per Gina's being wrapped in a blanket)...and then settled in back @ the hotel for a rousing game of Hearts. While the card game was fun...we mostly enjoyed the sailor-like swearing of a lady outside of the hotel's bar. Wowza...she was M.A.D....and let everyone know it. Hi.larious!

Day 2 of the trip was spent in Galena & LeClaire...but that, my friends is for another day.



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Snapshots

Not the usual Sunday Snapshots here...instead...a bit of a montage from an afternoon of feeding the ducks w/ Miss Addy. She's pretty much a ham ball when it comes to getting people's attention. Then there's her complete curiosity of the reverse camera on my phone...thus the up-close and personal shots of her face (snotty nose included).

Addy was so excited to run out to those little duckies (smooshed bread in hand)...alas, eating was the last thing on the ducks' minds. It is *ahem* spring after all. Good thing Addy just thought they were "playing." ;)

Will have to revisit the pond another day...