Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sorry, Kay!!!

So...every Wednesday, I am fortunate enough to get a dozen free-range eggs delivered to my workplace. The only problem, the last 3 weeks, I have apparently been extra absent minded...standing Kay up w/ the eggs. How terrible am I...can't even remember this one thing...that happens every week. Duh...super duh.

Kay...I'm so sorry that you've had to be a part of my scattered-brainess. I will try harder...promise. Hard to believe, I've promised this b/f. Yuck...could be scary when I'm older...


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New, Freebie Wreath...

Got home Sunday nite and just really wanted to do a project. I've been thinking about a new wreath for the front I went searching for some supplies in the ol' crafty archives. I came up with a wire wreath form I had used for an old project (so...I took it apart) and a bunch of fabric remnants from my frame project (here).

All that was left to do was cut a bunch of strips of fabric (they were b/w 8-14 inches each) and then knot them around the wreath frame. Sorry I didn't capture any pics of the process...I had about an hour and just wanted to get done. It's so easy, though...just tie each piece of fabric around the frame (double knot) and then continue all the way around. I tried to get the fabric as close together as possible and also varied the knot being toward the top, middle, and bottom of the frame.

The finished project is justsocute! The colors are "spring-y"...and also remind me a bit of my childhood...hello, dusty rose and country blue. ;)

 I totally want to make more of these wreaths now...especially for our side door. Gonna have to hit up the remnants @ the craft store...this takes quite a bit of fabric.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Road Trips...I Can't Get Enough

We hit the open road a couple of weeks ago for a shortbutsweet trip up to Decorah, Iowa. I scored a great deal on Living Social for the hotel room...that included a $25 dinner voucher @ the hotel's restaurant...*score!* It was a great little get-away...and a very frugal one too...even better.

*Our room...nothing too fancy...but it did have a king-size bed. Always nice...since I'm used to it at home. Some hotels only offer up to a queen-size. *sniff* ;)

*We stayed @ the Hotel was built in 1905 and was soooo pretty! There were 3 floors and you could see the bottom floor from all of them...

*Glamming it up...

*Did a little drive around when we got into town on Friday...caught this bea.u.ti.ful sunset!

*Oh, heyyyy...

*Dinner @ Albert's in the hotel. We had themostamazing appetizer. Basically creamy, cheesy risotto deep-fried. Yep...delish! Plus, w/ the voucher we got for booking the room...dinner "cost" only $8!

*The absolute closest I've ever been to an ice machine in a hotel. Usually my room is 10 miles (ok...slight exaggeration) away from any signs of the vending world.

*Did my hair all up for day 2. I got a little trim last week...seeing this pic makes me wish I hadn't... *sigh*

*B'fast @ the Magpie Coffee yummy! It was a cool place...I could totally hang out there...(I could totally live in Decorah...but that's for another day). The hubs didn't like any of the pics I took of him actually looking at the the one of him turned away will have to suffice.

*Our day was pretty low-key...just shopping around town. I had to tourist-it-up and have my pic snapped in the new, pretty gazebo thingy.

*Last on the agenda, b/f leaving town...lunch @ Mabes. Onion rings & pizza...there's prob not a better combo on earth!

I could sincerely take little trips like this one all the time. I think it's great to get out on the road, listen to the radio (even a little WHO 1040), and see new places. Can't wait to hit the road again @ the end of March w/ a couple of friends for our next adventure.


*Not even the notice that I got a speeding ticket (from a stupid camera) on the way home can damper my feelings toward travelling. ;)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Snapshots








1. Did a little cleaning of the closet. Thought I'd make a little room...although, I've now bought some new things...and that space is almost filled. ;)
2. Breakfast...biscuit, eggs, and homemade salsa.
3. & 4. Lunch @ Taqueria Sonora...chips w/ all kinds of salsa and tacos asada...yumm!
5. Craft time!
6. A glitzy lamp for my crafty table...
7. A few hair clips...a lazy-day project. Used the hot glue gun...but that didn't seem to want to, I ended up using the good ol' super glue. ;)


Friday, February 24, 2012

2 things...

1. Finally got our last bedroom painted! Now I can get down to business...decorating! :)

2. I love Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! It can get rid of pretty much any spot, name it. We have a stainless steel sink (thatneverseemsclean)...a swipe of the *literally* magic eraser...and it sparkles.

Just a couple of my current musings...have a great weekend!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I just figured out how to fix something on my little blog that's been messed up for a couple days...and I'm soooo excited! I know in the scope of life...blogging is probably not all that important. Truth is, though...I really enjoy doing it. It lets me share a bit of who I am w/ all sorts of folks...friends, family...and *new* blogger friends. Something I didn't expect, though...was how much I would learn just trying to put the silly thing together. I've had to research every.single.thing I've put on this page. I know there's so much more to learn about the blog-o-sphere...but I do have a great sense of accomplishment just from what I've done so far.

Thanks again for taking a peek @ my world...and sharing yours w/ me! :)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

*gasp!*...I Might Be Old...

I usually feel like I'm a young, cool person... like I've somehow escaped the trappings of getting older. I realized yesterday (after talking to a muchyoungerfriend), however, that I am old...well, older than I think I am. I don't mind staying home on a Saturday nite...and even love the routine of my life (most of the time). Does this mean I don't like to have fun?? Absolutely not! Fun just has to happen a little earlier in the bedtime seems to be moving further and further up. ;)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Beyond the Sweatshirt

So...I live a very conflicted life. I love clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses...pretty much anything fashion-y. There is this whole other part of me (the one that wins out most of the time), however, that lives to be uber-comfy. Which is why, most of the will find me in some sort of a work-out pant and hoodie. I love it...but I know it's not the best look for me...

This last weekend, I fought all urges to be cozy in my jams (other than the car ride to our destination), and put on actual clothes, jewelry, shoes...and *gasp* even did my hair! I will say...I felt a lot better about my overall appearance...being in real clothes and all. Will this be a life-changing event for me?? Prob not. Maybe, just maybe, though...I will make more of an effort...

Sweater: Younkers; dress: Target; cami: Target; necklace: vintage; glasses: RayBan; hairpins: Holly Bloom.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Snapshots









1. I seem to be really into painting my nails lately. This creation was a shimmery red underneath my new favorite pink glitter polish.
2. & 3. The usual stop after church...Costco. Full cart of goodies + lunch!
4. Outfit (ignore the flip-flops...this was post pedicure): sweater: Younkers; dress & cami: Target; leggings: Old Navy; long necklace: vintage; silver fleur de lis necklace: Joseph's; hair clip: made by me.
5. Whipping up some last-minute Valentines.
6. T-shirt infinity scarf...hit up Salvation Army for new 'material'.
7. & 8. The sun was wonderful that afternoon!


Daydream Believer

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Thrifty Valentine

Spent a wonderful morning thrifting w/ a couple of friends & Sister the other day.

*Fueled up for the day at Mullett's w/ a superdelicious b'fast. I enjoyed a b'fast taco w/ eggs, bacon, cheese, & chorizo + pancakes and hashbrowns...yikes!

*Picked up this sweet heart lamp @ Salvation Army for $1.99! Added a Fiestaware vase I already had and 3-$1.50 snapdragons.

*Decided to finally use the cute heart-shaped pillar candle I bought on clearance @ Target like 2 years ago after Valentine's Day. I have a verybadhabit of not wanting to use stuff like that. I mean, what am I saving it for??

*Red crock ($15 @ Antiques for Freaks and Geeks)...couldn't resist adding it to my Valentine vignette.

*Love, love, love both of these little beauties: table runner ($1.99 @ Salvation Army) and vase ($15 @ The Attic). I just whipped up a tissue paper flower to add a little punch of color.

* this cabinet wasn't necessarily "thrifty" perse...but it was still a great deal (@ The Attic)...and will be perfection in the soon-to-be finished bedroom upstairs! Miss Addy will have the cutest place ever for her clothes & treasures.

*I normally don't decorate for any holidays (other than Christmas), but I really like the way this Valentine display turned out! Might have to be a regular thing...emphasis on might.

*Last, but not least...this is Roger...the sweetest little dog @ one of the stops on our thrifting adventure. Soooo cute! :)

A very successful shopping trip I'd say! Treasures & girl-time...can't beat that.