Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New, Freebie Wreath...

Got home Sunday nite and just really wanted to do a project. I've been thinking about a new wreath for the front door...so I went searching for some supplies in the ol' crafty archives. I came up with a wire wreath form I had used for an old project (so...I took it apart) and a bunch of fabric remnants from my frame project (here).

All that was left to do was cut a bunch of strips of fabric (they were b/w 8-14 inches each) and then knot them around the wreath frame. Sorry I didn't capture any pics of the process...I had about an hour and just wanted to get done. It's so easy, though...just tie each piece of fabric around the frame (double knot) and then continue all the way around. I tried to get the fabric as close together as possible and also varied the knot being toward the top, middle, and bottom of the frame.

The finished project is justsocute! The colors are "spring-y"...and also remind me a bit of my childhood...hello, dusty rose and country blue. ;)

 I totally want to make more of these wreaths now...especially for our side door. Gonna have to hit up the remnants @ the craft store...this takes quite a bit of fabric.


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