Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breakfast To-Go

So...I really do try my hardest to eat b'fast every a.m. What I choose to eat, however, can sometimes be weird or completely unhealthy. These little bake-in-pan egg delights, however, could make my morning routine quick, easy, and dare I say...healthy.


*frozen hashbrowns (I had about 1/3 of a bag and it was plenty)
*shredded cheese (of your choice)
*2 dozen medium eggs (plus or minus...depending on how many you want to make)
*chopped ham or bacon (enough to taste a bit in each cup)
*salt & pepper
*olive oil, it's clear that the measurements on this recipe are less than stellar...but it's really going to depend on how many eggs you want to make. I figure, if you're going to make the might as well try for at least a dozen (since that's how eggs come and it's the number of cups in a muffin pan).

Also...this is a great recipe to use up left-overs. Tonite, I'm using ham from just has to go...I can't stand to look at it another moment.

1. Grease muffin pans and fill w/a thin layer of hashbrowns. Recipe calls for shredded, but all I had were southern style they'll have to do for this round. Also...I used cooking spray...but will use olive oil next time (cooking spray gets weird at too high of heat). Bake at 425 degrees for 15-18 minutes.

2. Remove pan from oven and reduce heat to 350 degrees. Sprinkle a bit of cheese onto potatoes, add a pinch of salt & pepper, crack an egg into each cup, top with chopped ham/bacon, more shredded cheese, and a bit more salt for taste. Return to oven for 13-16 minutes. oven is perhaps one of the first models ever mine took a wee-bit longer. Artistic license, we'll call it. ;)

And...I know we've discussed my lack of patience b/ it will come as no surprise that the instant I pulled these delicious nibbles out of the oven, I had to try one. Amazing! :)

So...I might actually look forward to getting out of bed in the a.m...just knowing I have these to enjoy. Ummm....not so much...they will be a tasty addition to my day, though.


*P.S. recipe found on Pinterest...and belongs to this blog:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

christmas personal must-see list

I love watching movies...and those of the Christmas variety definitely have a special place in my heart. There's just nothing like curling up on the couch in the coziest of duds, hopefully eating some delicious food, and enjoying favorite holiday flicks. So far, I've already crossed these 2 (Home Alone & A Christmas Carol) off of my list for the season:

And coming to a tv near me, veryvery soon...

*National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...can't wait for this one! It's so silly and ridiculous...I love it!

*A Christmas Story (mostly b/c it's on round-the-clock...for about a month and a half), and I will feel sorry for Ralphie the whole time.

*White Christmas and Holiday Inn...2
warm-fuzzy movies. They're not necessarily the best movies ever...but just make you feel good. Plus...Bing Crosby singing...'nuf said.

*The Holiday...a new addition to my viewing list (w/in the last few years), literally makes me smile a stupid grin the entire time I watch! (shhh...I may or may not watch it all year round.)

*Elf...soooo darned funny!
*I love smiling. Smiling's my favorite!* (That's for you, Merle.) It has quickly earned a spot at my family Christmas...everyone likes it.

*It's a Wonderful Life...b/c it just might be unamerican NOT to watch.

*Will probably be forced to watch Rudolf...against my better judgement.

I know I've left many out...what are your favorite Christmas movies??


Monday, November 28, 2011

and again...'s Monday.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God's gift...that's why we call it the present." -- Joan Rivers

*sweater: younkers; shirt: old navy; leggings: old navy; boots: target; necklace: vintage; ring: franchesca's

Here's to getting through this day...I know we can do it! Tonite is soveryclose...I can just feel my jams being on and picture myself enjoying some tv time. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshots









1. Most perfectest Christmas tree (until next year, that is)...from Miller Tree Farm
2. Added some satiny ribbon *wisps* to the ends of the tree branches
3. Deck of cards left from last nite's mean game of Hearts ;)
4. Enjoyed some yummy homemade black-raspberry jam...a gift from Jack (a customer at the store)
5. New art on the is FINALLY Christmas time!
6. The scene for most of the a.m...what every girl needs for serious computer time: diet coke and a Blackberry (soon-to-be IPhone)
7. Pedi's with very relaxing. We zoned out to junky t.v. almost as much as we chatted...that's when you know you're the best of friends...totally comfortable w/each other.
8. Now it's time for a chick-flick *Ryan Gosling*...hoping it's completely, frivolously good *Ryan Gosling*...did I mention Ryan Gosling's in it?? ;)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mason Jar Snow Globes

Ok...first, I have to admit that this was not my idea. I borrowed it from another blogger...but (my bad) I can't remember who. *So, if it's anyone reading get all the credit! :)

I love snow globes...I think they're magical! And this project couldn't have been easier. The hardest part was waiting the 24 hours for the adhesive to dry.

*Supplies: Wide-mouth Mason Jars with screw-on lids, water-proof adhesive (I used E-6000 permanent bond), glitter (silver or white), and tiny trees (these are for the little Christmas villages--you could use any tiny holiday items: snowflakes, pinecones, etc.).

1. Glue the trees to the underside of the jar lid (let sit for 24 hours to ensure the waterproofness of the glue).

**“How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees? Thou know’st we work by wit, and not by witchcraft; And wit depends on dilatory time.”

-From William Shakespeare’s Othello

A little literature lesson for y'all while you wait. ;) It's true, though...sometimes the hardest part of a craft is the time waiting inbetween steps.

2. After the glue dried...I poured about 1/8 inch of glitter into the bottom of the jar (thinking of Edward Cullen the whole time). Then, filled the jar with water. I thought I would need to leave space for water displacement when I submurged the trees, but I ended up having to add water. You can pretty much fill to the top...just invert the trees slowly into the water.

3. Finally...just screw the lid on tightly...and there you have it...a homemade, soverycute snowglobe! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Pinterest Interest

Alright...there are a lot of folks out there who already enjoy the magically wonderful land of Pinterest. Recently, however, I've had a few peeps (April, this might be for you) ask me just what this "Pinterest" is and how it works. So...I'm going to attempt a tutorial on getting started.

First things'll need to go here. Once you get to the Pinterest'll have to request an invite. Not really sure why this is part of the process...but doesn't it make it seem like it's a super cool kids club??

I don't recall how long it takes to get the "invite," but I don't think it was very long. Once you're in,'s the limit!, you got your, you'll have to provide your email and create a password. There is also an option to login via Facebook...I do this a lot.

After the login, you get to create a profile with your name, picture, a little info about yourself. can update your "pinnings" to Facebook and Twitter.

From this can create boards by clicking on the Add It button on the top right of the header, naming them anything you want. I currently have 39 boards (food, clothes, hairstyles, decorating, etc)...I may or may not need to reign those in a bit. Once you  have a board or can start your pinning.

Pinning happens a couple ways. You can either surf the tons and tons of pins right on Pinterest them to your boards. In addition to re-pinning, you can "like" pins and add comments.

The other way to "pin," is to add the Pin It Button to your favorites bar. You'll find this option under the About button, again on the right side of the header bar. When you've grabbed the Pin It button, you can "pin" pretty much any image you find on the Internet. The way it works is to find an image you're interested in pinning, then go to your favorites bar and click "pin it." More than likely, several images from that page will pop up with "pin it" showing up on each one. Simply pick the one you want and click on that picture. You can then choose a description to add and what board you want to pin to.

The really cool thing about all of this Pinterest business is that the pins link back to original sources. can organize all of the instructions that go along w/the projects, recipes, etc.

For your viewing pleasure...

*These are just a few of the kinds of things I like to pin...ideas for fashion and decorating...and definitely yummy food! :) Also l.o.v.e. all of the incredible project ideas...

*Whew!* That's a lot to take in...sorry about that. I didn't really understand how the whole Pinterest thing worked at first. I just had to get on a dink around w/ it. It's justsoamazing! Full of ideas...ideas for things you didn't even know existed, but now...must have/do!

Anyhoo...hope this novella helps...even just one Pinterest newbie! :)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Follower's Fest

 Linking up to find new friends and tons of great Christmas ideas!


It's Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown...he's probably been a guest at most of our holidays, amIright? The Peanuts Gang is just a part of our lives...

So...enjoy this little clippy...and Happy Thanksgiving! :)

*This is seriously a long I'm not expecting anyone to sit and watch the whole thing. Just enjoy the trip down memory lane. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DIY Necklace Makeover

Saw this little beauty in the wonderful world of Pinterest...

*Sooooo very pretty :)

So, naturally...I had to try it out for myself. Of course...I'm not really very good at following directions...or even reading them, for that matter. Instead...I admired the pic for a moment and set off on my own course.

This is my method...

1. Gathered up the supplies: a vintage necklace (I never wear...but now, hopefully will), vintage pins, ribbon, and jewelry wire. I ended up not using the wire b/c I just pinned the jewels on. That will also give me some flexibility if I decide I'd like to change things out later.

2.  Cut 2 equal lengths of ribbon, fold each one in half and tie off the ends. The length of the ribbon is totally up to you, depending on how much ribbon you want, compared to the necklace itself.

3. Fold the necklace in half, then loop a ribbon around each end...creating a knot.

*With both ribbons attached to the ends of the necklace...

4. Now the fun can bedazzle it however you fancy. I ended up using a rosette I had on hand (thank you Miss Jessica Christie!). It's a little flashy...but I figure, it's the holiday's...everyone needs a little extra sparkle, right?? along and dig through all that jewelry you never wear...there's treasure just waiting to be discovered!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fiat Fever...

...and a few other things I'm crushing on...

*Tiffany & Co. Diamonds By the Yard...b/c a girl can dream...

*Glittery pedi...I am l.o.v.i.n.g. this! :)

*Farmhouse table--reclaimed wood...with a couple of long benches and 2 cushy chairs on either end. *sigh*

*These boots are so very lovely! Could be a hit or miss for this girl, though...might be a bit too tall for my little legs...

And finally...

*IPhone 4S...the one thing on this page I know for sure is in my future. Can't wait to be texting on this little beauty...January, come faster!

*Oh...and hopefully my IPhone will be donning this *love*ly case...

These are just a few of the things I'm drooling over these days...what's on your wish list?? :)