Tuesday, March 27, 2012

St. Paddy's Day

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day w/ the fam this year. Hot dogs & a parade...they go together, right??

*Started the day w/ some dogs...@ Capitol Pub & Hot Dog downtown (I had a Groupon, of course). :) It was tasty, tasty. Mine had onions and homemade relish. I think next time I would stick w/ just a plain dog + ketchup & mustard.

*Strike a pose!

*Sister brought some festive jewelry along...just in case I was w/o the proper green attire. ;)

*Not sure what we enjoyed more...the parade...or Miss Addy's dancing. She is a ham.ball fo' sho'.

*The ladies of the group...aww, so precious decked out in our green.

The day was a lot of fun...and relaxing! It's nice to not have a project to do now and again...just be able to enjoy what's going on around us.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Snapshots






1. My spring-time table decor. Thrifted vase filled w/ scraps from my shredder & some eggs I dyed a few years ago. Thinking I might possibly change it up w/ some jelly beans...can't decide...
2. Sheldon catching some rays in his favorite spot. :)
3. My outfit for church...the skirt & shirt were both thrifted (Salvation Army). Skirt was one of 2 from Fossil I scored that shopping trip!
4. Fajitas!!
5. Finally got my jewelry all pretty and organized. I.love.it!

Happy Sunday!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Nothing but Goodness!

I'm gonna be honest here...I'm pretty sure I have a wee-bit of seasonal depression. Now...it's not like I'm crying all the time...or can't function. I just really slow down in the winter months. When fall hits...I'm all excited to hibernate...cuddle up for a bit. Then the holidays are here...and they are wonderful.

Then...dun, dun, dun...January comes...and is followed by February, even worse. The last few years, we've been on a trip somewhere nice and toasty warm...it didn't work out this year, though. Let me tell ya...I felt it.

Ok...my whining session is over (for the time being). We have been having some amaze weather here in Ioway the last couple of weeks...and I'm really hoping it's here to stay!

*Tres delicious egg cake (I don't know what else to call it) from the Highland Park Bakery. What's not to love about cake and buttercream frosting?!?

*Baby chicks at the Tractor Supply store. I will fully admit I wanted to crawl in there w/ those little guys. :)

*Milo's favoritest time of year...he gets to soak up some warm sunshine...w/o baking in the heat.

I'm hoping everyone gets to enjoy some sunshiny goodness this weekend!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursdays are for Thankful

Thankful for...

Mom, Sister, and Miss Addy joining us for an impromptu dinner last nite. We had a really good time enjoying some tasty food...and laughing our tails off at the antics of one, almost two-year-old.

*I spied this open-faced sandwich in a magazine last week...and couldn't wait to try it out! Everything you need: bread, avocado, asparagus, bacon, eggs, salt & pepper.

1. Toast bread (I did mine in the oven w/ butter...400 degrees for 7 minutes, or so).
2. Mash avocado and spread over bread. I actually had some guacamole already made...so I just used that.
3. Toss asparagus w/ olive oil, salt & pepper...roast in a 400 degree oven for 12 minutes, or so...depending on how tender you prefer. If you line a rimmed cooking sheet w/ foil...this process is very tidy!
4. Layer asparagus and cooked bacon on top of the avocado.
5. Cook up some eggs! Everyone else likes theirs w/ the yolk cooked...but I like mine a bit runny (ewwww....I know!)...so it's totally up to taste buds. Eggs go on top of the sandwich...sprinkle w/ salt & pepper.

I have to say...I really liked this recipe. The other folks here were skeptical, too...but ended up liking the combination. It's also a good way to use up some odds & ends from the fridge. Hope you enjoy! :)


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Jewelry, jewelry...oh how I love thee! Vintage jewelry...to be exact. I just can' help myself...when I'm out-and-about @ garage sales, flea markets...wherever...my eyes are always looking for some pretty baubles. I almost have a snobby aversion to new jewelry. Like, how dare it think it's cooler than my lovingly worn, vintage pieces?!?  Alright...so that's a bit extreme...but it's how I feel, in my heart of hearts...about my lovelies.

A must-have when you have a slight problem collecting (anything) is a place to display it. I haven't had a proper home for my pretties...until now. The last of our bedrooms to be redone is now a home-away-from-home for my niece, Miss Addy...and a showcase for my jewelry. I still want to add some details to the room itself...so pics of that project will be coming later. The landing spot for my accessories is done, though...and I couldn't love it more!

I bought 2 towel bar thingies @ IKEA last May (that's how long this idea has been brewing) + 'S' hooks to hang all of my necklaces, headbands, and scarves. There's also a magnetic bar w/ lidded containers (also from IKEA and supposed to be for spices, I think) to hold little things...earrings, rings, pins. Most of my collection is now on display...I do have a few odds & ends in another spot, though. 

I'm so excited to have all of my jewelry organized and visible...the accessorizing possibilities are now endless!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Now We're Cookin'

Yesterday was a magical day @ our house...we finally got our new dual-oven range. I pretty much have to admit to being a full-fledged adult at this point...getting so excited about a kitchen appliance. Our old one was just.so.sad, though. It had a dial to set the oven temp...and during its last days...you just never knew if you were going to land on the setting you wanted. If you did happen to get there...it would vacillate during the cooking time...yielding some less-than-wonderful results.

*The old...doesn't look too bad here...but in person, it was a hot mess. First off...it was all black...attracted every speck of dust in the house. I could never get it clean either...there were always mystery spills and streaks that couldn't be reached.

*Shiny & new!!

The coolest part of the new range...2 ovens! So I can get all gourmet and cook a pizza...and cookies @ the same time! ;)


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Snapshots





1. Ok...so, honestly...this is the only pic that is actually from last Sunday. I had been out of town and just didn't have it in me to be taking pics...pa.the.tic...I know. So these s'rooms...pretty much one of my favorite things to buy @ ye ol' Costco. You get so many...at a great price...and they are delish!
2. Fresh pedi...gotta love it. Plus...I used a Living Social deal that included a pedi & shellac mani for only $23...can't.beat.that!
3. This pic was just too funny to pass up. While doing some thrifting...I discovered these granny panties just "hangin" out w/ the housewares stuff. Someone must have decided they were just too cool to take home. ;)
4. Got our landscaping out front all trimmed up...ready for the new growth. Yay to the warm weather making everything come up green...extremely early.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lady Antebellum

Almost 2 years ago...the hubs bought me tickets to see Lady A @ the Illinois State Fair for my b-day. Why there? Well...during that time...it was the closest to us they were going to be playing. So...we hit the road for Illinois w/ a detour in Le Claire, Iowa...to visit Antique Archaeology. The trip was so much fun...and should have just gotten better. The nite of the concert, however, the weather had other plans...crazy wind & rain. We waited around for 2 hrs hoping the storm would pass...but it wasn't in the cards.

In January...they actually came to Des Moines...yay! Oh wait...I had to work...boo. Nothing was going to stop me from seeing them this time, though...so I bought a couple of tickets to see 'em in Omaha.

So...my friend Jill and I got to enjoy the show at the Mid America Center. What a great show it was, too!

*My travelling outfit...pretty comfy (and included my newly thrifted sweater). It was a little too warm, though...had to stop @ Target for some flip-flops for a bit of relief. ;)

*Some pretties in the Old Market...oh how I'd love to work in a floral shop...

*I picture a really saucy older lady wearing this tee...and I would laugh hysterically if I saw it!

*In the Old Market area there's this really cool Goodwill store. It's like they pick the best stuff and curate it. I didn't find anything on this trip...but if I lived there...it would surely be one of my favorite spots.

*All smiles @ the concert. We decided we were definitely in the 'love bug' section...people were cuddling all around us. :)

*Near the end of the show...Lady Antebellum invited the 2 opening acts (Thompson Square & Darius Rucker) to come back out on stage. This was definitely a really cool thing to see.

*We stayed @ The Magnolia...a boutique hotel in a restored historical apartment building. It's a beautiful space...w/ tons of architectural interest.

What a nice little get-away w/ a friend. Did some shopping...and finally got to see Lady A. :)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Out of nowhere...the weather around here has been beautiful! Windows open, flip-flops on...and some switching around of the decor have been in order.

I will be the first to admit that I have a lot of stuff. By a lot...I mean...too much. Needless to say...there isn't really anything I ever need to buy to decorate. Does that mean that I don't buy things?? Ab.so.lut.ely not. For this little vignette, however...all I purchased were the super-de-duper beautiful daffodils.

*I don't have a mantle...so I think this cabinet is my new go-to focal point.

*Daffodils...only $5 for this whole bunch...what a steal! The "vase" is really an orange juice decanter (minus the bright yellow lid).

*My grandma's Pyrex nesting bowls...they are the coolest color of blue!

*A couple little bunnies I've picked up along the way. I looked at the brown one in an antique store in Kalona for close to 3 years b/f I decided to buy him. It was kind of a little game I would play every time I would visit...wondering if he was still there. A few times ago, though...I didn't want to risk it anymore...

*Pretty little metal flowers...plus a couple of flowery prints...and my springy decor is done.

I scoured most of the treasures for my display from my china hutch. I've never really liked the thing...but where would I keep all of my knick-knacks?? A lovely vintage pie-safe perhaps? Hopefully some day. :)


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I was doing a little thrifting w/ Sister the other nite when I happened upon the coolest sweater! It's gray cashmere w/ a really long cowel neck type thing that wraps around to make the whole sweater really comfy, cozy.

*tank, shirt, & leggings: old navy, sweater: thrifted; boots: fashion bug.

Found the sweater @ Goodwill for less than $4...and it's originally from Banana Republic...yippee! Although...the day I decided to wear this...it hit about 70 degrees outside...I was toasty. It'll be perfection for fall/winter next year, though.


P.S...try to look past the dust covering my mirror. Might be time to clean... ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds that you plant."
--Robert Louis Stevenson

The days just seem to get busier & busier...it's so important to stop and smell the roses (or tulips).

Spotted these beauties @ a flower shop in Omaha's Old Market. I wanted to buy all of them!

Wishing you all a very happy
(and productive) week!! :)


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrifty Goodness

You just never know when or where you'll find thrifty treasures. That's why you have to be willing to get out there and look! Not everyone enjoys the thrill of the hunt...I know...that's what makes thrifting buddies even better. It's great to know that whoever's w/ you really enjoys it. Then you can spend all the time you want wandering the aisles...coming together @ the end to compare your finds.

Some of my recent scores...

This mirrored pedestal thingy is perfect for my main-floor bathroom. I'm always trying to find something for the counter (I really just need to redo the whole room...this'll do in the meantime)...that has good height. Can't decide if I want to put something on top of it. Maybe a bowl, a candle? Any suggestions??

I love this planter! It's plain white...but dimensional...adding interest. Maybe it'll give my sad little plant a new lease on life...

Snuggly jammies. Not just any jammies...but a matching set. How cute! Oh...and there are hearts...lots and lots o' hearts!

It's getting to be spring...any day now. Time to do some cleaning and rearranging of the house. Can't wait to give some new life to the things I already have and to the treasures I've been lucky enough to find lately.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Case of the Sickies

Here it is...another cold. Been sick a couple times this year...blech. The house is in shambles around me...and all I can think about is sitting on the couch...snuggled up to my DVR. (oh yeah...and doing some light blogging.)

So happy I picked up these snuggly slippers @ old navy...coming in pretty handy on my stay-at-home sick day.

Oh hey, American Pickers guys! Just catching up... I also watched 3 episodes of
Gossip Girl (don't judge), 2 episodes of How I Met Your Mother...and now I'm working on Ice Loves Coco (there...I said it...I watch it!).

Disastrous mess taking over the house...I have some ocd issues w/ clutter...

Here's to feeling better!

Cheers! :)


Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Snapshots (on Monday)

Alright...not gonna lie...I've been in some sort of a weird blogging place lately. It's not that I don't want to...that's not it at all. It's just that, well...I've been swamped...and something's gotta give. Unfortunately...

Gonna try my bestest to get back on that wagon, though. So...here are Sunday Snapshots...just a wee-bit late.









1. Outfit: jeans & shoes: target; shirt (*love*) & cami: old navy; necklace: lia sophia; sunglasses: gap
2. Animal print shoes...target clearance...even better. Oh yeah...and my tiny tattoo...I love it!
3. Washing up some strawberries for a crisp...it was delicious! A small taste of summertime...much needed.
4. Menu on my chalkboard fridge...for lunch w/ friends.
5. *Cat-napping* on the fluffy, white bed...must.be.nice...
6. & 7. A sun-shiny day! It lit up the whole day...even the solar lites!
8. Wreath I whipped up @ the end of the day...fabric remnants and a wreath form I had on hand.