Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Out of nowhere...the weather around here has been beautiful! Windows open, flip-flops on...and some switching around of the decor have been in order.

I will be the first to admit that I have a lot of stuff. By a lot...I mean...too much. Needless to say...there isn't really anything I ever need to buy to decorate. Does that mean that I don't buy things?? not. For this little vignette, however...all I purchased were the super-de-duper beautiful daffodils.

*I don't have a I think this cabinet is my new go-to focal point.

*Daffodils...only $5 for this whole bunch...what a steal! The "vase" is really an orange juice decanter (minus the bright yellow lid).

*My grandma's Pyrex nesting bowls...they are the coolest color of blue!

*A couple little bunnies I've picked up along the way. I looked at the brown one in an antique store in Kalona for close to 3 years b/f I decided to buy him. It was kind of a little game I would play every time I would visit...wondering if he was still there. A few times ago, though...I didn't want to risk it anymore...

*Pretty little metal a couple of flowery prints...and my springy decor is done.

I scoured most of the treasures for my display from my china hutch. I've never really liked the thing...but where would I keep all of my knick-knacks?? A lovely vintage pie-safe perhaps? Hopefully some day. :)