Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Be Trippin'...Road Trippin'

So...I see a Groupon for a hotel that I love, in a city that I like a lot...what could I do, but buy the silly thing. Then, of course, I have to share the deal w/ our travel buddies, Eric & Gina. Next thing ya know...it's time for a day off...and an adventure!

We've stayed @ the Hotel Julien in Dubuque one other time...and I loved it. Dubuque, Iowa...why on earth would I want to go there, you ask??  Well, b/c I love history...anything to do w/ it...buildings, pictures, stories...so, this is the place for me. It's an old river town...full of (said) old buildings, etc. I could pretty much drive around looking @ the architecture all day long...imagining who lived there b/f...making up stories in my head. Since not everyone rolls the same way I do, though...we did have a few other activities. *sigh*

We started out on a Friday morning w/ our first destination in mind...Traer, Iowa. Now what the heck?? How could this possibly be on our agenda? I'll tell you why...b/c of a little bakery called Cookie Mom Cookies. The hubs and I stumbled upon it the last time we travelled up this way. I needed to get out and stretch and the town had a really cute main street. Also...I love anything w/ frosting...so seeing this bakery made me giddy. I've wanted to go back ever since. Luckily...this trip provided the perfect excuse for another visit.

This little gem of a town also provided a tasty lunch @ a local watering hole. I chose the cheeseburger (as pub cheeseburgers seem to be the tastiest) and some cheese balls. Healthy...I know.

Now, this is awkward...but our next stop was another bakery...the All Things Sweet Shop. (I promise that not all road trips include so many treats...but isn't eating a big part of open-road adventures?) It is a very good thing that I do not, in fact, live in Dubuque...b/c I would be unable to avoid these tasty cupcakes. The lady baker...has mad skills. It is entirely possible that I have some cupcakes stowed away in the freezer...for a rainy day.

When we finally got to the hotel...I was fully loaded on sugar...and starting to get crank.y. So, the hubs and I took to the streets for a little walk...enjoying the city & the first of spring's blooms. Then...a  little relaxation...hubs (instantly) on the computer...and a little InStyle for moi.

Once we got our 2nd wind...we had dinner (seafood place, gross...not worth mentioning), took in the sights from an amazing public park w/ insane views (it was super cold, though, as per Gina's being wrapped in a blanket)...and then settled in back @ the hotel for a rousing game of Hearts. While the card game was fun...we mostly enjoyed the sailor-like swearing of a lady outside of the hotel's bar. Wowza...she was M.A.D....and let everyone know it. Hi.larious!

Day 2 of the trip was spent in Galena & LeClaire...but that, my friends is for another day.



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  1. SO fun!!! Someday, I'm going to print these well-laid out travel plans and follow in your footsteps! A lovely trip so far!