Wednesday, July 25, 2012

40th Anniversary Party

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to decorate for a party my friend Jill was having in honor of her parents' 40th wedding anniversary. First off...the venue for the party could not have been prettier. It was held at the Iowa Historical Building on the Cafe Terrace...with downtown Des Moines as the! We decided the theme should incorporate some of the color palette from their wedding (we picked out shades of yellow w/ white and green accents) and that it should feel "country chic."

Now...the way I usually decorate for parties stems from what I have I can transform those items into centerpieces & table-scapes. For this party...I used every mason jar I could get my hand on, in addition to larger glass pieces I have (a cake stand and various vases).

Every table had a sheet of craft paper, plus a combination of vases w/ flowers and mason jars. I filled the jars w/ rice (it was the cheapest thing I could think of) an l.e.d. candle, and a teeny-tiny chalkboard w/ love notes written on it. The jars were also wrapped in add to the country feel. I incorporated yellow into the mix with both flowers and lemons. I will say...I loved the look of the lemons. They were really natural...and added a great pop of color!

Jill and I planned this party for quite a while...from the very start, though...I knew I wanted s'mores as the favor...for people to enjoy after. The hubs and I wrapped grahams, mallows, and chocolate squares...tying them all up w/ twine and a little note card that said "to many s'more years." Awww.... The sign was painted by my friend, Abby, who also made one for the main level of the help point guests in the right direction. 

I had to come up w/ a last minute idea for something guests could sign. Decided on a large piece of foam board (I was lucky to find it in black)...and just had folks use chalk markers to write their names & well-wishes.

I love the banner! It was a great addition of color...and on a large scale. Jill made the numbers (covered in vintage pics of her parents) and they turned out great...gave everyone something to look at while they picked out their tasty desserts.

Just a couple of old friends...

I was so relieved when everything was up to be enjoyed! What a beautiful way to enjoy the party...and all the hard work.



  1. you do good work, beautiful!

  2. When are you quitting Fareway to do this full time?