Monday, July 30, 2012


My sister...honestly...if you had asked me up until the age of (oh about) 24...was my nemesis. We really couldn't have been more different growing up...she's a social butterfly...I'm a homebody. She was really good at sports...I played golf. She was always pushing the limits...I was all about rules. Not to mention all of the fights we had...they never ended in my favor..."I was older...should know better."

After our dad died, though...everything changed. Our little family was suddenly even smaller. If we didn't lean on each other...who could we count on? It turns out...Sister and I actually have a lot more in common than we had thought. A lot of that was probably just growing up, though...

I am so happy we decided to not only be sisters...but to be friends. Sister pushes me to be a better person...inspiring me w/ her constant energy chasing around Miss most-adorable 2-year-old niece. 

I'm so happy we put the petty differences of our youth behind us (sorry about that hole in the wall from a flying bottle of nail polish, Mom). Now...instead of fighting...we can enjoy each other's company...doing just about anything! Although...I'm still a homebody...

Thanks for being a great sister, Ashley!


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