Saturday, October 13, 2012

Girls @ the Flea

2 times a year Sister, Chelsea, and I hit the road in search of unknown What Cheer, Iowa. While I love any chance to go to the flea market there, the one in October is by-far my favorite...fall is my time of the year. It has just the beginning comfy, cozy feelings of the holiday season!
We try very hard to fit Jaarsma bakery into our journey. It's in Pella, Iowa (technically on the way) and has the most delicious baked tasties around! My focus was, of course, on a giant, frosted pumpkin cookie...couldn't bite into this beauty fast enough.

Let me just say that this particular day was the coldest one of the fall season so far. Not only was it cold...but the wind was just cutting right through us. Luckily we dressed for the occasion...even though my head wrap came from a garage sale we hit on the way in. Sister was mortified...all she could think about was the possibility of head lice dancing around in my hair from some stranger's winter gear. I didn't care...I was cold!

I'm pretty sure I started running when I spotted this little lady. Her name is Josie...and she's a corgi...just like our pup, Milo. Look at those eyes...those ears! Oh, my...

Probably the strangest purchase of my day was this vintage bed pan. A friend, Abby, had literally just texted me about spying out some treasures for her new bathroom re-do...and then there it was, in a sea of boxes filled with trinkets, tea cups, plates, scary get the picture. I was so excited to find it...and only $1!! Not sure if she will end up using it...but so fun, nonetheless!

Still all smiles at the end of the day! You can catch a little glimpse of Sister's negotiating skills piled in the back-end of the truck. She had talked a lady into selling all of her pumpkins (staging for her stand) for only $20. Now that's a deal!

One of my favorite finds from the day were these vintage Christmas ornaments. I decorate w/ old, chippy things as much as possible...and Christmas-time is no exception. Only...vintage bulbs can be pretty pricey. I got all of these for only $1 (only had one casualty on the trip home). I know they look rough...but to me, that's all-the-better. Now...if only it were closer to Christmas...

I'd like to say I got all these flowers there too...but, alas, I did not. The jars (except for the big one), though, I did. Plus...7 others! The same woman Sister bought the pumpkins from, sold all her blue Ball jars (20 in all) for only $30. I ended up splitting the haul w/ Chelsea...she's just starting her collection. I was so excited to get all of them. The look lovely all grouped together...or filled w/ whatever I have lying, pens, colored pencils...dominoes.
I'd say the day was a success. I got a few other be shown-off another day. :)  It's always fun to find the little things we didn't know we needed...but also, just to spend the day together...walking, talking...and laughing.


  1. Jealous of your finds... minus the bed pan! :)

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