Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Sense of Calm...

In the chaos that life offers...a weight is lifted when I look at a completed project...even if just for a moment. It has been our goal the last year to get the upstairs of our house "done." This meant cleaning out a lot of junk, painting (done mostly by the hubs), and getting organized...and a little fun along the way. Well, with our guest room finally done, we're almost finished (there's one room left...a place for all my accessories *eek*/room for my niece to call home when she's visiting).

So, without further ado...

Four-poster bed...not necessarily my style...but it is a "family" piece...and free, so I will work with it. :) I chose all white bedding...something I've always wanted to do, but that makes me a bit nervous (the 2 animals that live here have already found this to be a very comfy nap spot). The blanket at the foot of the bed is a recent flea market steal!

The 2 nite tables are things I've had stashed away (the green one is my fav...and I'm so excited to have a home for it now). I found the kelly green lamps at Target (in the land of clearance) for less than $10 each!

Love, love, love my framed fabric! Vintage fabric + free (from the curb) frames = perfect wall art! :) Just got some more fabric in the mail from Etsy to add to my recent flea market frames (going to try my hand at a craft show). We'll see if anyone else loves my creations as much as I do....

Dresser...much like the bed...I'm not in love with, but it serves its purpose. Everything else, though, I adore! Lamp (gift from a friend, with a new shade), yard sale art, green depression glass bowl (a wedding gift of my great grandparents), mirror (I just added some shiny black paint), and a wooden tote (used for picking strawberries in its first life).

Instagram pic doesn't necessarily show the best detail...but makes it all look a bit more artsy.

Still obsessed with now having a home for the antique corbels that came from the farmhouse my mom grew up in! Someday we'll have a dream home where they can be used as shelving brackets in the kitchen *sigh,* but for now...they look pretty snazzy.

Along with some other treasures I've picked up along the way...these shelves serve a very important purpose; as a home for Jason's books (and books, and books...)

Last, but not least, my rescued plant stand. It still doesn't have a distinct reason for being (other than looking great in front of my vintage+new curtains), but that will come in time, right? More treasures to be found...surely will need a place to call home. ;)

*Breathe*...another room down...and shared. Now, I have a choice: a day of relaxation...or *dun, dun, dun*...start on the last room. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Your room looks great! You need to come decorate for me. :)

  2. AMAZING! So great. Seriously inspiring!

  3. Love the room, you did a great job!

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  4. Love the fabric frames! It looks great. Thanks for linking up to the New Year New Follwers fest.

  5. It turned out great!! I'm a new follower. Thanks for linking up to the New Years Follower Fest!