Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gotta Love...

fall days! The weather today has been perfection...makes me so happy and full of motivation! :)

Started the morning off right w/ a walk (and some donuts)...
Milo was thrilled to be out-and-about...he wasn't too keen on sitting for this pic...but he still looks happy, right? :) He only had to be told to "sit and stay" approximately 10 times...


Next on the agenda was a first coat of paint in the spare bedroom. Luckily, my hubs did the trim and spackling (sp??) last nite. While he wasn't too pleased with me for asking (I'm a wee bit of a task-master)...he did admit it was nice to have done already. ;)

These are just some boring before pics...just so y'all can see how bad the situation was pre-paint. I'll post some "afters" once we do some more sprucing. :) Luckily, the second coat is done and we can move on to the fun stuff! Especially since my seamstress-extraordinaire (the one-and-only Jessica Christie) finished my curtains! Waiting with bated breath to see them tomorrow!! (P.S...can you spy our kitten, Sheldon, in almost every shot??)


Last task of the day...

...give this old, fuddy-duddy mirror some new life...

and I 100% L.O.V.E. the results! I can't wait to put our new guest-room's always worth the hard work. :)


Now, this has absolutely nothing to do with today...or projects...but I wanted to share, anyway. Went out to dinner and a movie with Katie (long-lost friend from my freshman year of college) last nite. We dined at the newly-opened Zombie burger was delish!

 I had the Fulci...the last ingredient on the burger (it's hard to read in this pic) is truffle mayo. The whole thing was delightful...and I would definitely enjoy it again!

After dindin, we saw the movie The Help...and I loved it; not only for the story, but for the clothes, houses, and decor. I'm pretty much in love with mid-century anything right now...and the design in this movie is spot-on!


Time to whip up some cheeseburger soup and relax with movie nite!


  1. You're the best blogger! Pretty sure I want to redo a room, paint something, buy some jewelry or travel with every post! Can't wait to see the finished room!

  2. "Dindin"? Really? How old are we...

    Love the picture of Milo...I don't think he needs any donuts though...


  3. a few things...

    jealous of that mirror. you're so creative.

    i loved the help, highly recommend checking out the book.

    that's the same burger i had at zombie this week, so good!