Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 2 of Adventure Fabulosity

After our super-fantastical first day of road-tripping...we slept in a bit. Soverynice...considering most days find me up b/f 5 a.m. (boo...I know.)

*Pretty door knob @ the magical cupcake shop...I could look at stuff like this

Once we filled up on b'fast @ Caroline's, the hotel's was off to Galena. Unfortunately for us...the forecast had been a bit mis-leading. All we packed were warm-weather clothes...only to find cold, rainy weather there. Not to worry...we explored the town quite a bit...warming up in the different shops. Kidded around in a toy shop...filled w/ all the good stuff: Play Dough, Silly Putty, magic tricks, bouncy balls, wax name it, they had it.

Having so many sweets the day b/f had made us all a little gun-shy to eating. Lunch was delish, though...
you can never go wrong w/ pizza.

Last stop...Antique Archaeology in LeClaire. The hubs & I have been there b/f...but our partners-in-crime had not. It's cool to see in person (if you watch American Pickers)...but, unfortunately, a lot of the stuff isn't for sale. They've kind of curated things you see them "pick" on the they want them to be in the store (I think) so visitors can recognize certain items. Still haven't gotten to meet any of the personalities from the show...maybe next time.

After all the was time to come home. The drive back from a road trip is always the worst. We eventually made it, though...unpacked and then, went to enjoy a bit of Thai food..b/c, why not?

*Chicken Pad Thai...yumm!

Not sure where the next road will lead. Maybe something impromptu??


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  1. Another fun day! I need to turn my parents into that picker's show. They don't have a huge area, but they have two building jammed packed with old furniture and barn antiques. It would be fun to see them haggled for it!