Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Snapshots







1. Flowers @ Costco...they're always so pretty! Can't wait 'til it's officially warm enough to do some planting.
2. &3. Love this outft! I would wear a skirt or dress all the time if I could (well...maybe if jammies aren't an option). Dress: Walmart; sweater: Old Navy; necklace & bracelet: vintage; shoes: Target (old). My toes are freshly painted too. I stepped away from my usual dark purple/black to this bright green!
4. It was a good afternoon for you can see Milo even got to enjoy.
5. I recently sold my china hutch...which lived in my kitchen. So...until I figure out what I'm going to do w/ the space...I had to come up w/ some sort of vignette. This table was normally in front of the window in the kitchen...but fits here nicely. Just had to add a mirror from my *ahem* collection of mirrors. (I have a problem...)
6. To finish out the day...popcorn, of course!


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