Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lady Antebellum

Almost 2 years ago...the hubs bought me tickets to see Lady A @ the Illinois State Fair for my b-day. Why there? Well...during that was the closest to us they were going to be playing. So...we hit the road for Illinois w/ a detour in Le Claire, visit Antique Archaeology. The trip was so much fun...and should have just gotten better. The nite of the concert, however, the weather had other plans...crazy wind & rain. We waited around for 2 hrs hoping the storm would pass...but it wasn't in the cards.

In January...they actually came to Des Moines...yay! Oh wait...I had to Nothing was going to stop me from seeing them this time, I bought a couple of tickets to see 'em in Omaha. friend Jill and I got to enjoy the show at the Mid America Center. What a great show it was, too!

*My travelling outfit...pretty comfy (and included my newly thrifted sweater). It was a little too warm, though...had to stop @ Target for some flip-flops for a bit of relief. ;)

*Some pretties in the Old Market...oh how I'd love to work in a floral shop...

*I picture a really saucy older lady wearing this tee...and I would laugh hysterically if I saw it!

*In the Old Market area there's this really cool Goodwill store. It's like they pick the best stuff and curate it. I didn't find anything on this trip...but if I lived would surely be one of my favorite spots.

*All smiles @ the concert. We decided we were definitely in the 'love bug' section...people were cuddling all around us. :)

*Near the end of the show...Lady Antebellum invited the 2 opening acts (Thompson Square & Darius Rucker) to come back out on stage. This was definitely a really cool thing to see.

*We stayed @ The Magnolia...a boutique hotel in a restored historical apartment building. It's a beautiful space...w/ tons of architectural interest.

What a nice little get-away w/ a friend. Did some shopping...and finally got to see Lady A. :)


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