Monday, February 6, 2012

There's Never Enough Time...

...that's how I feel lately, anyway. I just keep picturing Jessie from Saved By the Bell spazzing out, all hopped up on caffeine pills, b/c she has too much going on in her life. might not be the 90's and I'm not in high school...but I feel your pain, Jessie.

I've been super-de-duper busy lately (as I know everyone else is too). The kind of busy where there's something happening every day...from the moment my feet hit the cold floor. I'm so lucky, though...all the "things" I'm busy w/ are all fun & good (forthemostpart). There's just one catch...when I have too much going on...I can't focus. I see my messy house, piles of laundry...even fun projects I want to do...I.just.shut.down. Catatonic.

While I might now be downing the caffeine pills...dancing like a maniac in my bedroom w/ Zack Morris...I'm enjoying my own dose of 'uppers.' A little Diet Coke and some relax time...gotta reboot so I can tackle all the amazingness that is my life. :)




  1. Hope this slow down for you soon! At least after this weekend. :)
    I used to quote that clip a lot. Oh, Jessie. I love that show!

  2. LOVE the video clip. hope you can sit down and relax soon.