Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Snapshots










1. Church outfit last week: sweater (Old Navy);
dress (Target--it's a sundress, but I've worn it more to layer in fall and winter than anything else); leggings (Target); boots (Target--are you sensing a theme??); sunglasses (Gap).
2. Milo...a constant mooch...
3. Finally some snow! + a decrepit bench I got for free at the tag sales South of Grand 2 years ago. I had grand hopes of fixing it up...instead, it's gotten 100x worse. It's going to my curb soon.
4. Mad @ the world that he can't be outside too.
5. Oh, Reese's egg...why must you tempt me??
6., 7., & 8. Mag.a.zines! They're everywhere in the house right now. Apparently, I need some down-time for some serious reading.
9. Score @ Target! I've been eyeing these boots for the entire season...picked them up yesterday for $11.98. The animal print flats, my mom snagged for less than $7. (Gonna have to make some room for them, though...time to purge...)

*A few pics from last week...a few from this week. I promise to get back on track from blogging this week. I've been struggling with getting anything done the last couple of weeks (a post on that to come).

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  1. yes... I'll have about a dozen of those Reese's eggs please. They are my favorite. Thank God they only come out during Easter time!

    haha the cat pic....I think that's how my cat's feel too! they wouldn't even know what to do if they were out in the real world, lol!