Monday, January 16, 2012

"You're Tammy, right?"

That's what I heard from a lovely dark-haired woman at church yesterday. Now...just so we're clear, name is not Tammy...but I realized I did know her. I saw a flash of her at S.E.P. High the perky cheerleader...and then the girl who, as a freshman @ U.N.I., was always in full make-up for 8a.m. classes...unlike myself...barely rolling out of bed to get there on time.

I was instantly transported back to my shy & awkward high school self...added to now by her calling me by a different name. It shouldn't have mattered...she was being nothing but nice to me...and it has been *ahem* a few years...but I could still feel my face becoming hot, hot, hot.

We parted ways...only after she mentioned 'catching up later.' Hopefully the next time our paths cross, I'll be the somewhat more self-assured woman I've grown to be...leaving behind the younger, less-confident girl I was.  



  1. I hate when that happens. And you think of a million things you could or should have said after the fact, but it's too late. I can never figure out why people would bother throwing a name out unless they are 100% sure.

  2. those moments are always awkward, i'm right there with you. ps what pretty picture of you!

  3. I am *always* Linda/Rhonda/Wanda. It's awesome. I've just started embracing it and going with whatever name they want to call me. :)
    Unfortunately, I think I've been on the flip side more than I'd like to admit! I've wised up...Heeeeyyy, how are you?!? Sounds like I remember them without having to say a name! Works, right?