Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glittering My World...

...one thing at a time. Oh yeah, that's right...glittering...I'm making it a word right here, right now...and why not? It's so very wonderful to have everything be all sparkly!

First up on the glitter train...my dull, boring, old house keys. Now...it's not like I'm hauling around some mammoth key ring or anything...but I do have 3 house keys...that all look the same. During an evening of Pinterest surfing...I happened upon this little idea, so I decided to give it a whirl.

*See...what an ucky key...lifeless... (check out the lovely Coach bag...why must they send those blasted coupons??)

 So...instead of brushing glue on the keys and sprinkling glitter over it like the Happiness Is... blog shows, I used some glitter glue pens. They were super easy to use...but I did have to do several coats to get a good layer of glitter. The glue itself is very thick when you first put it on...but when it dries...it completely disappears. Leaving only the glitter behind.

*1st layer of glitter...good, but not amazing. So...I kept on going.

It took about 3 layers of the glitter glue to get the look I was going for. After everything was dry...I painted a layer of clear nail polish on each side...just to make sure the glitter stays in place.

*One thing to note...this project
took a little bit longer than I had
expected (having to wait for each layer
to dry). So...if you try it out...maybe have
a back-up key. ;)



  1. We must have the same friends on Pinterest..I saw this and thought it was a cute idea, too! I don't think I have the patience or time right now,but someday! The glue pens are a great idea.