Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We Are *too* Blessed

So...this time of year, it's soveryeasy to get caught up in the lights, decorations...and, of course...presents. We often overlook, though, how many people will go w/o all of these lovely things. Even more so...they'll go w/o the everyday things most of us take for, shelter, warm/clean clothes.

While we were doing a little shopping for ourselves on our girls' mom, sister and I decided we've all been blessed w/so many things...we wanted to do something for someone else. 

We knew of 2 little girls @ a local school who each needed a new coat...but then we couldn't resist picking out some cozy, cute outfits for them...along w/new undergarments. While we were mom struck up a conversation w/the sales girl @ Old Navy. The girl then talked to her manager...and he gave us 25% off our entire order! Go Old Navy guy!! :)

*Yowzas! We got so much great stuff for these little girls! I wish I could be there when they see all of their new see the smiles on their little hear their giggles.

It's a pretty cool feeling to do something for someone else...knowing they are going to have a *warm fuzzy* getting new, special things. Now...I definitely don't think we shouldn't get excited about the holidays...or buy each other's just important that we remember everyone...not just ourselves.



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  1. I love this! I'm excited for the little girls who will receive the gifts...not only for them to have presents, but to know there are still people in the world who care.