Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sisters' Garden and Bloom

As promised (here)...some pics of the ever-lovely and inspiring Sisters'. It's a most magical place, just outside of Iowa City...that includes 2 old farmhouses filledtothebrim with vintage and vintage-inspired home decor, clothing, and jewelry.

*I literally gasped when I saw the new "shed." It's the loveliest building ever...built w/a collection of salvaged pieces. Its' peeling paint and color scheme of white, green, and black...w/touches of sparkle...make it a place I never wanted to leave!

*An old display case..."Love Life" painted onto the window panes

*2 old lamp bases w/vintage-inspired Christmas trees resting inside

*Vintage chandelier...extra sparkle for an outdoor space. This would be w/ some candles, too.

*Cylinder vase w/evergreen branches and limes...a different twist on Christmas green.

*I will be purchasing a bird bath so I can do this next year...cranberries floating in water...beautiful punch of color!

*B/c everything's more bea.u.ti.ful under a cloche...

*So simple and sparkly! Vintage ornaments in silver cupcake papers...ingenious!

*Angel wings on old milk bottles...what a "heavenly" idea (oh no you didn't...)

*Another crazy-good use for the sleeves from old sweaters...or even discarded socks (the ones w/holes in the toes...that you shouldn't be wearing anymore!).

*Paper village...vintage inspired houses

There were so many amazing ideas and vignettes here...I couldn't possibly capture them all! I highly encourage a visit to Sisters' me.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the comment! Let me know if you try the granola out. I am constantly tweeking it to make it better. Today I used a lot of maple syrup, it turned out so yummy!
    ps. I don't have kids either :]
    Très bien