Monday, December 5, 2011

Girls' Weekend

This last weekend,my mom, sister, and I had a little Williamsburg (outlet mall for those of you not from around here) and Kalona (a big Amish community w/tons of goodies and antiquing).

We shopped til we dropped Friday...rounding the nite out at a place I usually avoid like the plague (Walmart)...but we needed some snackies for the hotel. Desperate times, right?

*So...the chips are Sterzing's...and they're totally a blast from my past. We always had them at my grandma's house, since they're made in Burlington, Iowa...close to where she lived. It is pretty much mandatory to eat them w/ketchup. I'm not sure why...we just always have...and it's de.lic.ious!

*We all had our jams on...including my new ones from Old Navy (I actually threw out the old ratty ones I'd brought w/me...*sad face.* (shirt: $15, flannel pants: $6) Look closely and you'll see my pants dragging on the floor...they'll have to be cut off soon. Darn you, short legs!

*Saturday a.m...first stop--Golden Delight Bakery--for some of the tastiest homemade doughnuts I've every experienced. Sister switched it up a bit and got a twist...but she obviously thought it was as amazing as the reg glazed.

*Next stop: Stringtown Grocery...I love it here! I'm pretty sure the Amish didn't probably intend for people outside of their community to shop here...but it's become a popular site for lots of different folks. They sell baked goods, produce, meats & cheeses, and canning supplies...and then, there are the rows and rows of bulk items *angels singing.* Spices, soup mixes, oats, grains, pasta, dried fruits & nuts, and decorating sprinkles. This time around I came home w/beef flavor seasoning and organic catnip. Does my cat really need organic?

*Another Amish store...this sign is great!

*Yotty's Hardware Store--where else can you eat peanuts, throw the shells on the floor...and then pick out paint??

*Awww...3 lovely ladies! Last stop: Sisters' Garden and Bloom...this is pretty much the place that sparked my love of decorating w/vintage and salvage pieces. Stay tuned for more pics of this shop!

Trip was great...filled w/laughs, treasures...and some good ol' bonding time.



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Williamsburg! My sister-in-law introduced me to amish shops this summer. Fun, fun fun :) -Nicole

  2. Oh my goodness, that looks like SO MUCH FUN! Cody and I ditched the kids at school and made a super fast trip to the outlets awhile back, but now I'm dying for some of that good Amish shopping!!!

  3. Those Amish shops sound delightful! Homemade doughnuts? Yes, please! Where are these places located?
    And yay! for bonding and spending time with loved ones :)