Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Snapshots








1. Homemade bread (by some Amish ladies ) from Kalona...cinnamon raisin and white
2. Breakfast of champions?? I'm sure some would dispute this. Cinnamon raisin bread w/homemade butter (again from Kalona), left-over taco meat, and a Diet Coke
3. One of my new favorites...cozy gray moccasins. A Black Friday purchase: $12 @ Target. Totally worth the crazy long line that *wound* it's way up and down prob 20 aisles...
4. A wonderful, beautiful bargain from the Gap outlet...flowy, floral shirt: $6.99! I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive layering pieces...this totally fit the bill.
5. Lunch @ Smoky D's...I had the special (hot, open-face turkey sandwich w/ mashed pto's & gravy and carrots + a drink) for only $7.29. It was soooo delicious, plus I have left-overs for lunch tomorrow...score!
6. I've been gone the whole weekend...and wasn't completely prepared for the 2 recipes I was planning on making today. So...I did all the prep work for the soup I want to make...and will finish it up tomorrow. Lemonade out of they say...whoever "they" are. :)
7. Fridge art by Fifi...I love having friends add their special touch to my chalkboard fridge! It's ever-changing and soooo fun to look at.

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