Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creamed Chicken

There are some foods that will always remind me of growing up. One of them is creamed chicken...something my mom made when we had left-over chicken...and I love(d) it! The only problem back in the day was b/c it was made w/whatever chicken we had left...there never seemed to be as much as everyone wanted.
Lucky for me...I'm an adult now...and can make chicken with the express purpose of re-creating this taste of my past.

-2 lbs chicken (cooked & shredded)
-10 tbsp. flour (which tells me is 5/8 of a cup...but that just sounds weird)
-2 cups milk
-3 cups chicken broth (I used this b/c I had it from cooking the chicken. If I didn't have it, though, I would have just used all milk.)
-salt & pepper to taste
-cayenne pepper (optional)

1. Pour 3 cups of the liquid (milk, broth, or both) into a large sauce pan. Pour the other 2 cups of liquid into a container with a lid + the flour (I use a jar for this step...the screw-on lid helps me not make a mess). Now the fun part...shake, shake, shake...the flour & liquid mixture until smooth. Then, pour into the pan with the other liquid. Bring to a boil for a minute, stirring constantly. The sauce should be thick now...but if not, lower heat and cook a bit longer. Just make sure you stir the whole don't want it to burn.

2. Next...add the chicken, salt & pepper, and cayenne pepper (if you like it)...stir...

3. and serve! I had mine over a Grands! biscuit (b/c I have a lotta I talked about here), but toast works just fine.

The measurements I listed make a lot of this deliciousness...but I love it. Obviously, don't have to make so much. The basic thing you have to know is for every cup of liquid, you'll need 2 tbsp. of flour...from there, you can make as much, or as little, as you want.


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