Thursday, September 22, 2011


If you live in Iowa, it's pretty much a regular occurrence to hear people talk about: how boring it is here, how there's nothing fun to do, how unscenic it is, etc.  Well...I whole-heartedly disagree! While I've travelled to a lot of far-away places (and have enjoyed them all), I still think there are a lot of great things to do and see right here in Ioway! :)

Some for instances...

1. Did I visit India for these pics, you ask? Why, no, I did not. On our way to the high trestle bridge near Madrid, Iowa, the other nite, we happened upon this beautiful Hindu Cultural Education Center. I had no idea this building even existed...and if we hadn't ventured off the beaten path, I still wouldn't know about it. Once I saw it, with all of its wide-open space and twinkling lights, all I could think about was what kind of amazing party I could put together there...but I digress...

2. This picture surely doesn't do justice to the coolness of the high trestle bridge...but at least you can get an idea of what it's like. I'm looking forward to getting back there...maybe at I can have a view of what's all around the bridge. seemed pretty high perhaps not knowing is better. ;) (P.S...if you plan on visiting this attraction, take your walking's a haul).

3. I enjoy history and historical buildings (a lot!!), so I'm always game to visit the state capitol. We went a couple of weeks ago to see the September 11th was beautiful. Each time I visit, my favorite part is the view west from the capitol steps. It's amazing, especially at nite, to see all the buildings and lights!

4. I have fallen in love with Decorah, Iowa in the last couple of years. It's full of history and nature...two things I dig. :) This natural spring was so cold...but a lot of fun to see and explore. We've also done a river float 2 years in a row. It's a great way to relax, enjoy being with friends, and get out into nature! In fact...we already have reservations for next year! :)


I could post pics all day long of the adventures we've been on...and I'm sure I'll be posting many more, as we have an epic upcoming road-trip...but for now, this should suffice. :) I am constantly in awe of all the beauty in Iowa...despite the naysayers. All I can say is...get out and explore. If history and nature aren't your things, there are tons of concerts, places to eat, and great shopping here too! (My favorites on those subjects will have to wait for another day.)


  1. I whole heartedly agree, Hilary! Great pics and I look forward to hearing about your road trip!!

  2. Love this post! My ankles and feet are still recovering from my bad shoe choice that night :(

  3. I agree, too! Have you been to the Brenton Arboretum? It's by Dallas Center. I love how relaxing it is to walk outside! Traveling is by far my favorite thing to do...anywhere, anytime just as long as it's with Cody!