Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flea Market Fabulosity

Last week, it was finally here...the What Cheer Flea Market. I'd pretty much been looking forward to it since the last one in October. My posse for this treasure hunt, Sister & Chelsea, were equally excited...although, I feared Chelsea might not be joining she's ready to have another cutie-pie baby very soon. She was a trooper, though...and came along for a flea adventure.

We brought the 'big rig' for this trip...all of us felt the itch to buy. Good thing, too...b/c Chelsea made the day by finally buying a big piece of furniture (she found one last time that was sobeautiful...but didn't buy).

Boxes & boxes of lovelies like this. Oh much rusty goodness! Things really just aren't made this beautifully anymore...


A much-welcomed peanut butter & chocolate shake after a morning of buying...and trapsing through the mud (did I mention it had rained 4 inches 2 nites b/f this??). Crazy business!

What's the big deal? Just a dude cruising town on his riding lawn mower. He was very observant of traffic laws. :)

Chelsea's our own little diva...queen-bee chair & an ooh-la-la fan. J/k...she is just really a great sport posing for all my pics.

Broke out my favorite new-to-me tie-dye tee from Salvation Army for the day. I had a lot of color happening...including my crazy-patterned cross-body bag.

It never fails to amaze me how creative and talented people are. Taking everyday, cast-off items and making the most beautiful things w/ them. The wind chimes made from a mish-mash of vintage items...amaze. We've all seen the lids to pots discarded at the thrift store...or the bin of silverware...never to be used by anyone. Well...this lovely lady put her thinking cap on and made sweet 'music' w/ them. The tiny village made up of this'n'that magical.

Some tired (and muddy) feet after a great day. Thanks, again, for the fun, ladies!


** of my treasures to come.

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  1. That looks like so much fun!!! Awesome pictures but baaaad teaser! I wanna see your treasures!