Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Snapshots






1. Morning walk. The light was so pretty. Everything in the neighborhood looked so magical...and we were just about the only ones out & serene.
2. Look #1 for lunch w/ Eric & Gina. "Dress" (actually a house dress): thrifted; sweater: Old Navy (a couple years ago); long, pink necklace: something I scrounged from Sister; heart necklace: a gift someone must've made for my grandma when she was is carved out of wood and has her name burned into it (her maiden name). How sweet!!
3. Although I really liked that outfit...I just wasn't feeling it for that day. Look #2: same sweater as b/f; dress: Old Navy clearance; necklace: pink one from 1st outfit.
4. Red beans & rice @ Buzzard Billy's...a cajun restaurant that has re-opened downtown. My favorite part of the lunch (other than the company)...the homemade hush puppies...oh, mylanta!
5. A recent spray painting project b/f shot. I painted them w/ a floral spray paint b/c it was the closest pink I could get my hands on...not really sure I love the results. Might be re-spraying w/ some good ol' white.


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