Tuesday, March 27, 2012

St. Paddy's Day

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day w/ the fam this year. Hot dogs & a parade...they go together, right??

*Started the day w/ some dogs...@ Capitol Pub & Hot Dog downtown (I had a Groupon, of course). :) It was tasty, tasty. Mine had onions and homemade relish. I think next time I would stick w/ just a plain dog + ketchup & mustard.

*Strike a pose!

*Sister brought some festive jewelry along...just in case I was w/o the proper green attire. ;)

*Not sure what we enjoyed more...the parade...or Miss Addy's dancing. She is a ham.ball fo' sho'.

*The ladies of the group...aww, so precious decked out in our green.

The day was a lot of fun...and relaxing! It's nice to not have a project to do now and again...just be able to enjoy what's going on around us.


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