Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursdays are for Thankful

Thankful for...

Mom, Sister, and Miss Addy joining us for an impromptu dinner last nite. We had a really good time enjoying some tasty food...and laughing our tails off at the antics of one, almost two-year-old.

*I spied this open-faced sandwich in a magazine last week...and couldn't wait to try it out! Everything you need: bread, avocado, asparagus, bacon, eggs, salt & pepper.

1. Toast bread (I did mine in the oven w/ butter...400 degrees for 7 minutes, or so).
2. Mash avocado and spread over bread. I actually had some guacamole already I just used that.
3. Toss asparagus w/ olive oil, salt & pepper...roast in a 400 degree oven for 12 minutes, or so...depending on how tender you prefer. If you line a rimmed cooking sheet w/ foil...this process is very tidy!
4. Layer asparagus and cooked bacon on top of the avocado.
5. Cook up some eggs! Everyone else likes theirs w/ the yolk cooked...but I like mine a bit runny (ewwww....I know!) it's totally up to taste buds. Eggs go on top of the sandwich...sprinkle w/ salt & pepper.

I have to say...I really liked this recipe. The other folks here were skeptical, too...but ended up liking the combination. It's also a good way to use up some odds & ends from the fridge. Hope you enjoy! :)


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  1. Woah. That looks amazing!!! I love my eggs really runny. So rich and yummy. :) Happy Thursday!