Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Now We're Cookin'

Yesterday was a magical day @ our house...we finally got our new dual-oven range. I pretty much have to admit to being a full-fledged adult at this point...getting so excited about a kitchen appliance. Our old one was just.so.sad, though. It had a dial to set the oven temp...and during its last days...you just never knew if you were going to land on the setting you wanted. If you did happen to get there...it would vacillate during the cooking time...yielding some less-than-wonderful results.

*The old...doesn't look too bad here...but in person, it was a hot mess. First off...it was all black...attracted every speck of dust in the house. I could never get it clean either...there were always mystery spills and streaks that couldn't be reached.

*Shiny & new!!

The coolest part of the new range...2 ovens! So I can get all gourmet and cook a pizza...and cookies @ the same time! ;)



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets excited over new appliances. I bought a new over the range microwave a couple weeks ago and was so excited when they delivered it! I LOVE your new dual oven! I think 2 ovens would be so handy.

  2. whoa jealous. that looks so great.