Monday, February 27, 2012

Road Trips...I Can't Get Enough

We hit the open road a couple of weeks ago for a shortbutsweet trip up to Decorah, Iowa. I scored a great deal on Living Social for the hotel room...that included a $25 dinner voucher @ the hotel's restaurant...*score!* It was a great little get-away...and a very frugal one too...even better.

*Our room...nothing too fancy...but it did have a king-size bed. Always nice...since I'm used to it at home. Some hotels only offer up to a queen-size. *sniff* ;)

*We stayed @ the Hotel was built in 1905 and was soooo pretty! There were 3 floors and you could see the bottom floor from all of them...

*Glamming it up...

*Did a little drive around when we got into town on Friday...caught this bea.u.ti.ful sunset!

*Oh, heyyyy...

*Dinner @ Albert's in the hotel. We had themostamazing appetizer. Basically creamy, cheesy risotto deep-fried. Yep...delish! Plus, w/ the voucher we got for booking the room...dinner "cost" only $8!

*The absolute closest I've ever been to an ice machine in a hotel. Usually my room is 10 miles (ok...slight exaggeration) away from any signs of the vending world.

*Did my hair all up for day 2. I got a little trim last week...seeing this pic makes me wish I hadn't... *sigh*

*B'fast @ the Magpie Coffee yummy! It was a cool place...I could totally hang out there...(I could totally live in Decorah...but that's for another day). The hubs didn't like any of the pics I took of him actually looking at the the one of him turned away will have to suffice.

*Our day was pretty low-key...just shopping around town. I had to tourist-it-up and have my pic snapped in the new, pretty gazebo thingy.

*Last on the agenda, b/f leaving town...lunch @ Mabes. Onion rings & pizza...there's prob not a better combo on earth!

I could sincerely take little trips like this one all the time. I think it's great to get out on the road, listen to the radio (even a little WHO 1040), and see new places. Can't wait to hit the road again @ the end of March w/ a couple of friends for our next adventure.


*Not even the notice that I got a speeding ticket (from a stupid camera) on the way home can damper my feelings toward travelling. ;)

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