Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saturday was a cah-razy busy day,
but also, a lot of fun...so I guess I
shouldn't complain. ;)

*B'fast w/ the Hubs @ Baby Boomers (might be my new favorite). I enjoyed an omelet, hashbrowns...and this
way-delish pancake. Next time...I think I'll just have pancakes...they're amaze!

*Homemade bodywash...a swing and a miss...oopsie! The Hubs just shook his head when I admitted to not using one certain recipe, but instead, combining a few. He's not sure how I've 'lived so long not following the rules.' So...what I ended up w/ isn't quite ready to use as a bodywash...but will be very good as a moisturizing bath oil. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

*Kinda tough to see...but there's a violet streak of hair in there. Katie and I braved another trend (1st were feathers) and had a strip of hair dyed. I like it a lot!

*Took another spin at Glazed Expressions and painted a light switch plate for the bedroom we're working on. Although...at the rate we're going...this little gem may never have a home...

*Oh what's that? Self portrait...my signature...holla!

*Ended the nite w/ some french silk pie (woops...ate the chocolate curls b/f I took the pic) w/ Katie & Erin. Thanks, ladies, for a fun nite! :)

*Whew!* I need a nappy after all of that!



  1. We love those pancakes!! Sometimes we try to replicate them at home by adding some cake mix to the batter. Super yummy!

    1. what a good idea! what kind of cake mix? i will be trying that soon. :)

    2. We've tried just a white cake mix. We haven't gotten the proportions quite right, but it's kind of close. Their pancakes are just so much sweeter than other places. I love them!

    3. i want them now!!! we've been discussing where we're going for b'fast tomorrow...ugh...hungry now! :)

  2. I think I might have figured out this comment thing :) I had a great day Saturday...although no pancakes. And dare I admit, I'm a little excited to pick up Sammy (the sock monkey) this weekend!

    1. you should have pancakes tomorrow. and since you won't be up too early, i'm sure...they'll be pancakes for lunch. ;) i'm excited to pick up my creation too!