Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Homemade Coffee Creamer

A Keurig coffeemaker has come to
live @ our house. So...not only is there
a new need to buy tons of tiny coffees...but
also the creamers to make them taste good.

This is well and good...but all these delish things can make the grocery bill go up! Pinterest (duh) to the rescue!

Now...I'm in no way going to pretend I can make my own K cups...but I can (and did) make my own creamer.


-1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
-14 oz milk (just pour it into the condensed milk can for a perfect measure)
-2 tsp. vanilla extract (or any flavor syrup you prefer)
-1 qt. Mason jar

1. Pour sweetened condensed milk into jar (& lick the spoon...this stuff's sooo yummy!).

2. Pour milk into condensed milk can (easy to measure that way) and then add to the jar.

3. Add vanilla extract (or whatever flavor you choose) and shake it up. The Hubs pretended it was a Shake Weight...what a workout, right?

The cost of a 16oz creamer at most local stores is $2.19 (about $0.14 cents per ounce). To make my own creamer costs about $0.08 cents per ounce. Now...that doesn't really seem like that big of a deal...but when you figure I made 28 ounces of creamer at a
6-cent-per-ounce savings...that makes a total savings of $1.68. Nothing huge...but it's money in my pocket, nonetheless.


*Original recipe found over here.


  1. Normal coffee creamer grosses me out, but I think I could just drink this stuff from the jar! :) Yum! I'm sure it's a little healthier in the end, too! Awesome, Hilary!

    1. i hope you like it (if you make it, that is). it is pretty delish. :)