Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshots (Christmas--Round 2)

No rest for the weary? Not always true. Christmas Eve was a lot of prep work...for 2 family gatherings...but we actually got some really great down-time b/f Chrismas (take two)

*The contents of my stocking...can you say all pinkandred Starburst?? Also, in the mix, some SlimJim's (they're ok just once a year, right?), Cheetos, Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes....and....scratch tickets (I heart them).

*Got some fresh air (and shook off a bit of the food coma) at Waveland Golf Course. Milo had the time of his life running wherever he wanted...he was pooped by the end of the walk...tongue wagging out the side of his mouth.

*Miss Addy opening one of her supercute presents from Grandma. This little chickie cleaned up in the doll department. If it's pink...she probably got it.

I seem to have been too busy enjoying the day to get very many pics of the celebration. Needless to say, it was a great family Christmas. Noisy, chaotic, and filled w/ love. After the craziness died down...we enjoyed a few more snacks and a viewing of Elf.

I must admit...I might have closed my eyes a few times during the movie...it was a long couple of days.


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