Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas--Round 1

Christmas festivities started first thing Christmas Eve in this house. Actually ventured out to the an effort not to feel entirely guilty endulging in the amazing food in my future. Was it enough of a work-out to make a difference? Probably not...but I feel better thinking I did the right thing. ;)

*Cinnamon pull-apart bread w/ cream cheese frosting for b'fast...yes, please!

*Homemade meatballs for Christmas nite...they were tasty, tasty. I'll be sharing this delicious recipe soon...and for the accompanying marinara sauce, as well.

*Our lovely presents had to live on the window seat until it was time to open. Two pets are not good on the wrappings...*sigh.*

*Can't you just feel the toasty, warm goodness from our fire??

*One tradition from my childhood is putting small gifts right on the tree. I try to get as many as I can on there...I think it's old fashioned and wonderful.

*Ended the nite on a funny note. Sister-in-law, Stacie, crocheted these silly hats w/ beards for the gents. Hopefully they won't be wearing them out in public...

First Christmas celebration: a tremendous success! We all enjoyed some laughs, good food, and thoughtful gifts. Once the 'grown-ups' 'young folks' stayed up and watched Super 8...and it was fantastic! After the movie wrapped up, a good nite's sleep was a must. Round 2 would be here soon, after all.


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  1. I love those hats! I just saw in a magazine a baby version of those, complete with a crocheted beard. I thought it was hilariously adorable!