Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Makeup Brushes Revamp

The holidays have been cutting into my crafting big time. While it's always sad for the celebrations to be over...I'm really looking forward to starting some projects I've been dreaming of.

One thing that's been on my mind is what to do about my collection of mis-matched makeup brushes. They've come from a variety of places...but have one thing in common...boring!

All I needed to spruce them up was a fancy roll of duct tape...every girl has some, right??

*Before: nothing too special...and a million different colors.

*In walks in a damask-print roll of duct tape (and a pair of scissors)

I just kind of eye-balled how long the pieces of tape needed to be. I didn't care if they covered the same amount of space on each brush...just made sure that it at least reached a bit over the silvery part. Once I cut each piece of tape, I laid the brush down with the end of it touching the end of the length of the tape. Then, I gently rolled one side over toward the other, then gathered the opposite side and rolled it back over. A bit of tugging here and there got the tape pretty smooth against the brush...especially toward the end where it's rounded.

*There you have it...a fancy, schmancy set of brushes.

Hopefully this little crafty will tide me over until I get through the holiday madness...and organized w/ my next list of projects. Also...can't wait to get all gussied up the next time I use these pretties...even though it'll mean I'm headed to work...