Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crash and Burn

Maybe it's the excitement of Christmas being over...maybe it's a tremendous sugar crash from all of the holiday treats...but I hit a wall today. Couldn't focus, wasn't productive...and, oops, was a wee-bit crabby (sorry, hubs).

Topping off the superamazing day, I was pumped that I managed to get all the groceries on my handy-dandy list (I seem to usually miss something). A list is only as good as its contents, however, and I forgot to add baking cocoa to mine. Remembering this as I drove away from the grocery store (where I
fa-reaking work)...I had to stop at a 2nd store *groan.*

Deciding to celebrate my little pity party...I treated myself to these beauties...I haven't bought fresh flowers in foreverandaday (I may or may not have had a teeny, tiny problem w/ buying flowers...had to quit...cold-turkey)

So pretty... :)

Ok...I'm done w/ my rant. Life really is good...just one of those days...

P.S...the little owl in the pic is my creation from Glazed Expressions. He's so cute, I think! I already have 2 sets of plans to go back there...and get my paint on.


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