Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day of Couchness

So...every year, I get sick around the holidays. When the weekends come...I'm all go, go, go...trying to fit in every fun Christmas thing possible, plus normal, boring life stuff. Not this year, though...oh no. I did a preemptive strike last Saturday and got reacquainted w/my couch, dvr...and the beloved
impromptu nap. ;)

*jams & slippers

*well, helllooo just woke up hair...

What lazy Saturday is complete w/o a tasty b'fast?? On the menu...egg nog french toast...yumm!

-9 eggs (of course depends on how many slices of toast you're making. I used a whole loaf of texas toast...so, I had to use a lot of eggs!)
-(aforementioned) loaf of texas toast (really any bread you have on hand is fine...the drier the better...absorbs the egg mixture, making it even more amazing)
-egg nog (I had a little over 1/2 a bottle...used a little milk for the rest...and to thin the mix a bit)
-cinnamon (as much, or as little as you like...ground nutmeg is also tasty)

*Crack eggs into bowl, give a good mix. Then, add egg nog...and stir.

*Next is cinnamon...I like a lot, can ya tell?? Then...dredge the bread in the egg mixture (I count to 20 for each piece...hello ocd!) After that...cook away...using any old pan you have. I use a griddle...just saves a bit of time b/c you can cook a lot at once. Takes about 3-5 mins per side to cook...depending on whether you want the french toast to be kind of squishy still...or more on the dry side.

*When you're done...serve it up w/some good ol' maple syrup (ummm...did I mention the bacon?? Bacon!)

*Oh...and I might have crossed another "Christmas" movie off my list. The Holiday...*sigh...*

Remember to give yourself a chance to relax and unwind in these hectic days b/f Christmas...you deserve it!


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  1. Egg nog french toast sounds amazing I'm going to have to give this a try! Great post! Now following!