Thursday, December 1, 2011

At a Stand-Still

One lonely room...

stares at me every time I walk upstairs. It's emptiness amplified only by the hauntingly ugly wallpaper...begging to be removed.

Too much?? Maybe...but it's kind of how I'm beginning to feel. Like I started this project that just might never.get.done.

So what does such a room look like...that could linger in my thoughts...yearning to be
re-done, designed...anything??

 *The room as it was a few weeks
"out-of-sight, out-of-mind" kind of place for anything w/o an actual home.

*The room now...cleaned out...but still w/that terrible, awful, no-good wallpaper.

I have such high aspirations for this space. Beautiful hooks for all of my vintage jewelry (so I might actually wear it), shelves and baskets for my favorite purses, and a cute little daybed & dresser for Miss Addy when she comes to visit. Just have to get there first...
Stay tuned...I hope to have some progress pics in the next few weeks. :)

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