Tuesday, November 8, 2011

True Story...

sometimes the first thing I think when I wake up in the morning is..."I can't wait to go to bed tonite." It's not really that I don't get enough sleep, but I get up super early (4:20 a.m., to be exact). It's just a rude hour of the day...especially when I know I *technically* don't have to be up until almost 6.

I started getting up (at such a ridiculous time) 2 years ago, so I could hit the gym b/f work. I love getting it over with...but it's justsodarnhard to get up that early. Plus...I'm pretty much an old lady...having to be in bed by 8 p.m...if I want to get enough sleep

To make things even tougher...it's now so very cold and dark in the morning...my bed just seems so wonderful! And then there's this guy...

He was looking so cute and cuddly this morning...I wanted to stay home and snuggle up w/ him...instead of schlepping off to work. But, alas...I've gotta bring home the bacon...or at least a side of bacon...

So...until I come up w/ some brilliant plan to make money while staying in my pajamas alldaylong...I'll keep perservering. Pushing my thoughts of bedtime off until I've at least showered and eaten breakfast...maybe... ;)


  1. I thought you were going to post a picture of Jason as your reason for not wanting to get out of bed! :-) Love your blog, Hilary. It makes me smile!

  2. Don't I know it...my doggy is the reason I am late every morning. Gah.

  3. Oh, I think the same thing every morning (and often during the day!)! However, I'm not getting up before the crack of dawn! How do you do that? Amazing! 29 minutes and I will be snuggled in!

  4. My true story. THis morning I, too, got up shortly after 4. Angry sleepy thoughts went through my head and then I remembered....I AM EATING LUNCH AT HICKORY PARK TODAY. Changed my entire attitude. Isn't that pathetic!?!? True. I just heart HP.