Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshots











1. Ugh...the mess I dropped and ran away from after being at Sister's all day yesterday. An ugly view to wake up to...
2. I don't usually paint my fingernails (my tootsies are a different story, though)...but I thought I could handle a quick-dry mani. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Presto Pewter...really did dry super quickly and the glittery sheen doesn't show chips too badly! *cute fleur de lis...a gift from Miss Jill :)
3. I really loved my whole outfit today...lots of color in my new shirt *Fashion Bug $12* and especially the fuscia shoes w/rosette *Target $5.99.*
4. Hot cocoa at church...makes me look grown-up, like I might be drinking coffee *blech* and...bonus: my hands stay toasty warm.
5. One more reason to love gas!
6. Lunch at Los Cabos...chips and salsa...yumm!
7. Magazines (just the ones I got in the mail yesterday)...I may or may not have a problem...
8. All the fixins for a steamy pot of taco soup...
9., I love to find crazy signs...weird sayings, mistakes, etc. Can you spot the mistake in this one??
10. Huge pan of fudge jumbles...staring me down. I need to get these!



  1. I will take the fudge jumbles, they look delicious! Totally should have gone to Costco for gas after lunch, didn't even think of it and went to Quick Trip instead :o(

  2. *That sign needs to drop the "apostrophe s". Do I get a prize?! :)
    *I'm totally going to start copying you with the hot cocoa at church thing. I hate being left out of the cool kids club with their nasty coffee.
    *Loving the print on your shirt. Makes me smile.