Tuesday, November 29, 2011

christmas movies...my personal must-see list

I love watching movies...and those of the Christmas variety definitely have a special place in my heart. There's just nothing like curling up on the couch in the coziest of duds, hopefully eating some delicious food, and enjoying favorite holiday flicks. So far, I've already crossed these 2 (Home Alone & A Christmas Carol) off of my list for the season:

And coming to a tv near me, veryvery soon...

*National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation...can't wait for this one! It's so silly and ridiculous...I love it!

*A Christmas Story (mostly b/c it's on round-the-clock...for about a month and a half), and I will feel sorry for Ralphie the whole time.

*White Christmas and Holiday Inn...2
warm-fuzzy movies. They're not necessarily the best movies ever...but just make you feel good. Plus...Bing Crosby singing...'nuf said.

*The Holiday...a new addition to my viewing list (w/in the last few years), literally makes me smile a stupid grin the entire time I watch! (shhh...I may or may not watch it all year round.)

*Elf...soooo darned funny!
*I love smiling. Smiling's my favorite!* (That's for you, Merle.) It has quickly earned a spot at my family Christmas...everyone likes it.

*It's a Wonderful Life...b/c it just might be unamerican NOT to watch.

*Will probably be forced to watch Rudolf...against my better judgement.

I know I've left many out...what are your favorite Christmas movies??


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  1. Many of those are my favorites! I also love the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Jim Carrey's version isn't horrible, but I definitely like the original cartoon best.