Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trip To the Dump...

Ran in my first race today...well, I ran for a good portion of it ... ;) The Metro Waste Authority hosted its Green Run at the dump in Runnells, with a choice of a 5k or 10k. Thankfully, I chose only the 5k...any more than that, and the GatorXUV-patrol probably would have been hauling my sorry-self back in. There was a d.j., food, and plenty of people watching...other than the cold, wet, and uphill running...this was my kind of party! :) 

Our tootsies b/f the race...little did they know what they were in for...
(Jason's in the crazy, out-there Vibram 5 Fingers--he was getting lots of looks from other runners...and made a new friend who wanted to talk about them!)

Ashley and I had a lot of fun! She ended up finishing 4 minutes b/f I did...which was so cool, since she kept worrying that she's not a "real" runner.

Pre-race...I wasn't so in the mood for smiling after...

In the end...the fun run was just that, fun. I got home and looked up some more 5k's to do this fall!


  1. Good job, Hilary! Runners are like super-heroes to me! (I will never be one!)

  2. That is awesome!!! Maybe I'll join you sometime! Probably not though...I'm all talk when it comes to running, but maybe! :)

  3. Londa...I'm not a runner, whatsoever...trying to maybe become one, though. And, Abby...we should sign up for one! It would be a lot of fun!

  4. Hey girl! I had no idea you were blogging! I guess I've got some catching up to do! And congrats on your 5k! I so admire you for that. Looks like you had fun!

  5. I am signed up to run one the end of October. I have a ways to go berfore I am ready.