Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blah Day Made Better

Thursday...mundane as always, but then evening came! Got to go out to a yummy dinner with friends at Jethro's (I enjoyed delicious steak chili, white cheddar mac & cheese, and a perfect, tiny corn muffin).

The nite was made even better with the arrival of the coolest vintage fabric ever!! (courtesy of Etsy, of course) :)

Using my first-ever "power tool" (see staple gun), I'm hoping to finish up my freebie frame project this weekend!


  1. Can't wait to see your project!!!
    Thanks for causing a Jethro's craving!
    Your blog looks great!

  2. Thanks, Londa! You should go to Jethro's soon!!

  3. ooh, i've been dying to do a frame fabric project...maybe i could hire you for your services. :)

  4. I can now post as anonymous! although I will leave my name at the end of every post. I was at Jethros with you! It was awesome.