Monday, July 2, 2012

What the Pho?

A couple weeks ago, I had a very long day @ the ol' job. The last thing I could possibly think about was cooking dinner. Eating out sounded so wonderfully delicious...and easy. to Taste of Thai the hubs and I went. (I pretty much have to merely mention the word Thai...and he's already backing out the car).

This little piece of street art was on a building in the restaurant's parking lot. Idk why...but I couldn't stop laughing at it...just thought it was super clever!

Pho...the tastiest soup you will ever eat. Ever. How to pronounce it, another story entirely. Since I'm never really sure how to say it...I make a big deal of saying it. Then...if it's seems like I meant to do it. Ya follow??

And...on the way home...this menagerie. Not only were 2 full-grown adults cruising on this bike...but so was their Pommerenian. No worries...there were so many straps on his cage...he wasn't moving for days.

So...w/ a belly full of Pho (now tell did you say it in your head??)...we ventured home.


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