Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On the Cheap

The hubs & I had a b-day celebration for his dad waaaaay back in May. It was just supposed to be a laid-back get-together (b/c our house has been torn apart from projects since late March)...but I couldn't leave the table naked. So...I pulled together a few things I've thrifted recently and a few snippets from our yard.

The table cloth (a vintage sheet) and the crystal cut glasses are all from Salvation Army. I picked up the super-de-duper frog @ a flea...I couldn't resist his wide-open mouth and chippy green paint. Back in the day (when we first got married) I was very into Fiesta...the s&p shakers are remnants from then. I should probably put those dishes back into my regular rotation...what a waste, otherwise.  Last, but not least...the "flowers." We don't really have much for pretty flowers, etc (we will next year!!!)...but I do have quite a few hosta. A couple leaves from those...and cuttings from a purply plant (how scientific)...voila!

The total cost of this table scape...less than $5. :)


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