Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Snapshots







1. & 2. Finally had some free time AND nice I def put it to good use. I have been collecting so many goodies lately on my thrifting adventures...but some of them needed a bit of sprucing...i.e. spray paint. Thankfully...I was able to get it all done!
3. Another "finally"...since I was able to get my knick-knacks painted...I got Miss Addy's room done. Yay! Now...she just needs to get a wee-bit older so she can sleep in her big girl bed @ my house.
4. Say "cheese!" :)
5. & 6. Well...looking @ these pics now...I see they are less than lovely...but they tell a tale nonetheless. I am always was on a serious kick for junk food...the muffins (I don't really even like muffins) and candy dish were a'callin' my name. I think I did a fairly good job of avoiding them, though. ::cheers::


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