Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Snapshots







1. Kitchen faucet bit the dust (after less than a year...), so I had to improvise and wash my tomatoes in the b'room sink. Had to have my salsa!
2. Said salsa, gracing my fluffy scrambled eggs...accompanied by yummy toast...and, of course, a Diet Coke.
3. Had to go purchase a new faucet...boring. Would have loved to get one of these beauties (the kind you can just touch and they turn on)...not so much in the budget, though. I was pleased w/ our final choice...of which I apparently did not take a pic.
4. I look thrilled, huh?? And dressed for success. ;)
5. Clematis is so full of blooms! Can't wait to enjoy its purple goodness.
6. Random...but so enjoyable. A gentleman in front of me @ the pharmacy...sporting some uber-cool tight-rolled jeans. He was making me so nostalgic. :)


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