Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's About Time!, pretty much any time I go to the florist (a little too often) to buy something...I ask if they have ranunculus. Sometimes I'm lucky and a manager-type person (who actually knows about flowers) will help me. More often than not,'s a high school girl who doesn'thaveaclue what I'm talking about...and I get completely "duh" look from them.

No matter who's helping me, though...the answer is ALWAYS no. Bummer, dude...until this week! I didn't even have to muster up the guts to ask for the zillionth time. I opened a local ad...and there they favoritest flowers ever!
They are beautiful & wimsical...and, unfortunately...a wee-bit pricey. So...I had to settle on one bunch and one color. I am so happy with them nonetheless!

happy weekend!!



  1. Haha this reminds me of this little joke about the rabbit asking the baker every single day in his shop if he sells carrot cake. And then one day the baker decides to surprise the bunny, so when the bunny asks 'do you have carrot cake?' the baker says 'yes' and the bunny replies 'isn't it disgusting..?'

    Sorry.. It is a really bad joke but I just had to think of it



    1. Your joke makes me want carrot cake...yumm! :)