Monday, February 13, 2012

Homemade Laundry Soap

Part of my plan for 2012 (original post found here) is to use up all the products I have on hand...and when those run out...make as many similar products myself that I can.

So far, I've made leave-in conditioner, wallpaper remover, and coffee creamer. The latest on my list...laundry soap. I was able to buy everything to make it at the grocery store for less than $15. The only other cost was for the storage container (I splurged on a pretty glass one from Target, $14), tablespoon to measure it out (I bought a whole set of measuring cups and spoons at Dollar Tree, $1), and a cheese grater (Dollar Tree, $1). I had a bucket and old spoon (for mixing) on those were free!

*Ingredients: 2 small boxes baking soda (baking aisle), 2 containers oxygen laundry booster, 3 Fels-Naptha laundry bars, 1 4lb 12oz box Borax, 1 55oz box Amr & Hammer Super Washing Soda (everthing other than the baking soda...found in detergent aisle).

1. Line bucket with trash bag...grate Fels-Naptha laundry bar into the bucket. Took maybe 10 minutes...not as long as I thought it would. Smelled amaze...and looked a lot like a yummy pile of cheddar...

2. Once the laundry bar is grated...add other ingredients...mixing after each. I put a bit of duck tape on the end of my spoon so I'll know it's one only to use for crafting. After all the ingredients are in your bucket...mix, mix, mix.

3. Transfer the trash bag to whatever container you're going to store the laundry soap in. This part is a bit tricky. Once the bag is in the'll have to tear a whole in the bottom...then the soap will pour out. The last thing I did...just to pretty it up a little...was to tie a ribbon around the lip of the jar. Then I connected the tablespoon to the ribbon w/ the ring that came w/the $1 set I bought.

1 tablespoon is all it takes per load of laundry. I still have some of my liquid detergent I won't be using this right away. I'll let you know when I start so we can see how long it lasts!


*I found this 'recipe' on Pinterest. Original post found here.


  1. I love it! Very cool idea, makes me feel pretty lazy for buying detergent when it doesn't seem that difficult to make it.

    1. Don't feel lazy at all! I just thought I'd try it is much easier to just buy it. :)